Refreshing Mint Watermelon Juice

Refreshing Minty Watermelon Cucumber JuiceHope you all enjoyed Friday’s entertaining little detour from the health & fitness posts–let’s get back to what I’m drinking 99% of the time (i.e. not beer). :)

Nothing says “summer” like watermelon, right?? Growing up, my cousins and I would have watermelon seed spitting contests, and in case you’re wondering (I know you are, since we’re all eight years old here…), the key to getting maximal distance is to roll the seed in your tongue to create a chute, and launch it from there with a forceful exhale.

WIth knowledge like this, I’ve pretty much got “The Cool Aunt” title on lock. Not that I’m an aunt, but you get where I’m going.

Refreshing Minty Watermelon Cucumber JuiceRefreshing Minty Watermelon Cucumber JuiceThis juice is so refreshing! And would taste amazing as a cocktail. Make a big batch, throw in some vodka, and you’ve got a summer BBQ home run.

Refreshing Mint Watermelon Juice

Yield: 14 oz (roughly)

Refreshing Mint Watermelon Juice


  • 2 heaping cups chopped watermelon
  • ½ cucumber
  • 1 lime, peeled
  • 1 handful mint (about 5 sprigs)


  1. Peel the lime. Use a peeler to remove the green, but keep some of the white coating underneath (lots of nutrients in there!).
  2. Run everything through your juicer.

Refreshing Minty Watermelon Cucumber JuiceHope you had a fun weekend!


5 Strange Drunk Food Combinations That Actually Taste Delicious Sober, Too

drunk-foods-1Yup. This blog post is happening. It’s a Friday in the summer—don’t act like you want to be reading something intelligent. (I clearly didn’t feel like writing anything intelligent…)

It’s no secret I like to throw back a few drinks from time to time, and I’m certainly no stranger to the 3AM kitchen raid. Nowadays, being the responsible adult that I pretend to be, I don’t do the whole drunk food binging before bed thing, but back in my college glory days…let’s just say there’s a reason my Freshman 15 was a Freshman 20.

I’m in no way condoning binge drinking by writing this post, and I don’t want you guys to think I’m out drinking five nights a week—clearly I wouldn’t be teaching Pilates at 6AM and writing a health blog if I was a total booze bag. :) But let’s have some fun today before heading off into the weekend and, in true P&I form, laugh at my expense. Here are some of my finest drunk food combination discoveries: 

Seaweed & Sweet Potatoes

drunk-foods-3Oh, you think waterboarding is a cruel form of torture? Try coming home drunk and having nothing even closely resembling a carbohydrate in your kitchen*. No bread, no pasta, no crackers—nothing. The closest thing to a wrap I had was nori wrappers. Seaweed. Ten tequila shots and all I had to work with was f—ing seaweed.

I also had a sweet potato. Oh, how wonderful.

The situation was dismal, but I decided to forge head anyway. Peeling and chopping the sweet potato into slices, I tossed them in some extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, spread them on a pan and baked for about 20 minutes at 425 degrees F. 20 minutes is a long time when you’re drunk and waiting for food, so I kept myself occupied by doing productive tasks like stalking ex-boyfriends’ new girlfriends’ Facebook profile pictures and determining that I’m like definitely better looking than like all of them except ohmygod look at this one picture she’s actually kinda cute WTF but like she’s trying way to hard with that skinny arm pose right?! Right.

Beep. I haven’t heard an angel sing, but I’m guessing it sounds like your oven timer beeping at 3:29AM to let you know the food is ready.

Determined to accept seaweed as the new tortilla, I wrapped my sweet potato chunks in a Nori wrapper and ate it like a burrito. Surprisingly delicious! Filling, sweet yet slightly salty, and a hell of a lot better for you than typical drunk food choices (pizza, Chinese food, mac and cheese, etc.). Score!

*Yes, I’m aware that potatoes are carbs, just go with it.

Pizza, Over-Easy Eggs & Hot Sauce

drunk-foods-2When I lived in the North End (Boston’s “Little Italy”) I had to walk by a late-night pizza place on my way home from the bars. Had to. No choice, people, NO CHOICE. For you Bostonians, I’m talking about Pompeii (obviously), and hell to the mothaf—ing yes I ordered a rice ball along with my slice of pizza. Although…the potato balls are better. I’ll fight you on that.

Anyway, one night I got home with my slice of grease and decided it just wasn’t enough. My refrigerator consisted of vodka, hot sauce and a carton of eggs at the time, so all things considered, I made the responsible choice. Leaving the yolk good and runny, I (sloppily) cooked up an egg, plopped it on top of my pizza, and then drown the whole thing in hot sauce.

Ehrrrmherrrgherrrd so good. In fact, this must be a dish normally served to sober people as well—have you had egg-topped pizza before? Is this one of those instances where I’m all excited about having invented something new that is, in actuality, already a commonality? 

Avocado & Almond Butter

almond-butter-avocadoThis was a recent drunk food combination discovery. I don’t keep unhealthy food in my kitchen (part of the reason I’m not tempted to pig out at 3AM anymore), so when I get back from the bars, my options are limited. There are very few late-night food options in Boston, so unless you’re going to hit up a 7Eleven, drunkards are limited to what’s in their house. For me, that’s kale, avocados, fruit, and, on this particularly lucky occasion, almond butter.

While this started as a drunk girl spreading almond butter on a peeled avocado and then eating it like an apple in bed, it’s become one of my favorite flavor combinations for everyday snacks. Take a piece of toast, spread on some almond butter, and top with avocado and banana slices. Sounds weird, but it’s SO yummy, and very filling. 

Ice Cream, Bagels & Cereal

Yup. This was two St. Paddy’s ago, back when my now boyfriend was just that weird blonde guy who kept calling me from payphones (true story—he didn’t have a cell phone). Proving that chivalry is not, in fact, dead, he brought me to the sketchy convenience store next to my old apartment in the projects of Southie after a full day of keg stands and paid for a pint of ice cream, bag of bagels and expired box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (everything in Murder Mart had a 2011 expiration date and was covered in a thin coat of dust). Romance is alive and well, my friends!

We toasted the bagels, ripped them up with our hands, put them in the ice cream and then poured in the cereal. AMAZING. Ben & Jerry’s, if you’re reading this, you need a bagel-cereal ice cream flavor and you needed it yesterday. Call it Breakfast for Dessert or Yes, I’ve Been Drinking. You’re welcome for the million-dollar idea.

I even Instagrammed a picture of this heart attack in a bowl because, as you’ve probably noticed by now, I am a very serious health blogger. Very. Serious.

Jalapeños & Peanut Butter on a Veggie Burger

drunk-foods-4You might be noticing a pattern here—nut butters taste good on, well, everything. This was just a total pantry raid where everything in the refrigerator and cupboards are dumped onto the kitchen counter and you just sort of start…layering? Veggie burger + pita pocket + spinach + tomato + peanut butter + jalepenos = party in my mouth.

So how many brain cells did you just lose while reading this post? More or less than lost while watching an episode of the Kardashians? I expect nothing short of incredible with this comments section. I want to be entertained all day, people. Don’t be shy—let’s hear about the strangest/most disgusting/surprisingly amazing/absurd thing you’ve eaten when drunk. And…go! (Or just make fun of me in the comments, that’s always a viable route.) :)

Happy Friday!


Summertime Workout Music (My Current Playlists)

Summertime Workout Music (3 playlists)This blog post is selfish. The only reason I’m sharing my summer workout playlists with you is because, well, I’m sick of them. When bloggers share workout songs, I always go straight to the comments section—that’s where the gems are. So pillage through my current playlists, snag up the songs you like, and then help a sister out and share some the songs you’re currently working out to.

*With all the below playlists, they songs are in oldest-to-newest order, which is annoying, but I can’t figure out how to reverse them. Scroll to the bottom of each for my current favorite songs.

What I’m listening to while working out by myself or running:

This playlist also lives in the right sidebar of my blog (scroll down). I constantly update it—adding songs I like, deleting ones I’ve overplayed. I pretty much only workout to EDM. I know the music genre keeps getting associated with teenagers wearing neon at raves and throwing up on each other or overdosing, but the media neglects to highlight how perfect it is for pumping you up during a workout. There’s a healthy side of EDM, too. :)

What I’m playing during my Btone megaformer classes:

When you’re teaching group fitness classes, you have to keep in mind that not everyone is going to have the same taste in music as you. I still play some EDM, but only the lighter stuff—I avoid extremes (I’m not, for example, going to play Skrillex in class haha). Also, even though Btone is an INTENSE workout, your movements are slow and controlled—you’re not running laps or doing burpees as fast as you can. I keep that in mind when adding songs to this playlist.

I try to find fun, upbeat music that hasn’t been too brutally overplayed on the radio (remixes are great). A few good Top 20-esque songs are fine (you’ll notice some on this playlist), but as someone who has taken a bazillion group fitness classes, I know it’s nice to hear songs that you haven’t already heard 14 times that day. I remember last summer when Avicii’s Wake Me Up came out…holy shit. It was getting to the point where I was about to walk out of spinning class if one more instructor played it. That being said, I’m currently obsessed with Tiesto’s Wasted, so suck it up, students, I’m playing that shit all summer.

What I’m playing during my bootcamp (Torch) classes:

You’ll notice this playlist is similar to the music I workout to on my own—because it’s a high intensity class, I like using EDM and songs with fast, heavy beats. I, of course, take them from R to PG-13 though. A great resource for finding songs to play in this class (and my Tone class), is Spotify. Not only can you search songs/artists on Spotify, but you can search through people’s playlists (as long as they’re public). I follow and search through SoulCycle and Barry’s Bootcamp instructors’ playlists and am always discovering awesome music this way.


Ok, now that I’ve shared three whole playlists with you, the least you can do is share a song or two with me in the comments section? :)

Happy listening!