My Favorite Things: April


These posts are so fun to write. I basically just go through my phone’s photo album for a little trip down memory lane and pull out all my favorites.

Favorite Products

Cooking Oil Sprays from Chosen Foods


Chosen Foods sent me a gift package and I’m obsessed with these cooking oil sprays! There’s no propellant or other chemicals–just the oil packed under high pressure. Love ’em!

BetterFit Hand Grips


I got these in the spring Mantra Box from my friend Candace and find myself absentmindedly using them like a stress ball during long days sitting at my computer. Also I’m obsessed with boxing right now so I’ll take any improvements in grip strength I can get. 🙂

Tejido Sweater Poncho

NeenPhotoShoot 053

I love this Tejido sweater poncho from my friends at Shopbop. It’s sold out, but this one by FRAME is similar (a little pricey though).

Favorite Workouts

Charity Ride at Recycle


A bunch of my friends came out to support my marathon fundraiser with a class at Recycle‘s South End studio. It was my first time having Anni as an instructor and she was uh-mazing. After the class, we hung at the studio and sipped on pineapple mimosas made with fresh Ripe Stuff. Perfect Saturday afternoon!

15-Minute Lateral Low Body Workout

I just I just posted this to the blog a hot minute ago, but I already look forward to doing it again. My butt was fuh-eeeeeling it the next day.

Favorite Eats

Chia Seed Pudding

Almond Butter Banana Chia Seed Pudding

I’ve been on a chia seed pudding kick! So healthy, so filling, so many flavor options. In addition to the recipe I posted on the blog at the start of the month (Almond Butter Banana Chia Seed Pudding), I’ve got another one coming for you in the next couple weeks (hint: blueberries and mint). I’ve also been loving the chia seed pudding at Cocobeet in Boston–so yummy when I’m walking home from teaching at Btone’s North End studio!



I’m slightly anemic and don’t really like meat so I’m always conscious of consuming plant foods high in iron. I was listening to a podcast that mentioned pepitas (pumpkin seeds) are loaded with iron so I’ve been buying them dry-roasted for snacking (so good) and raw for sprinkling on salads and smoothie bowls.

Bullet Brew Turmeric Coffee


Turmeric in coffee? I was so intrigued by this bullet brew when I saw it at Whole Foods that I ignored the price tag–and am glad I did! It’s delicious. Not something I’d buy every day (it’s like $6-7 a bottle), but a wonderful treat.

Favorite Moments

Weekend in NJ-NYC


Early in the month, I had the best weekend down in the tri-state area. Joe was off at a bachelor party, so I went down to see his mom, nephews and niece on my own. I spent Friday and Saturday with my favorite little munchkins (squirt gun fight, trampoline time, ABC twister games and teaching the next generation how to dominate at Candy Crush Saga) and then Saturday night drove into Manhattan to see a few of my college friends. UNC was in the final four (a fact they had to tell me haha) so we went out for drinks and to watch the game.

Marathon Weekend

I know, I know, I’ll STFU about the marathon already. But I had to include it in my favorites! 😉



Call me basic, but Beyonce dropping Lemonade made my week. The album (musical and visual) is amazing! So many emotions watching the video (not to mention it’s beautifully filmed) and the songs have been on repeat for me all week. And, ok, I admit it, I dutifully put in a couple hours researching tabloid theories on the identity of Becky with the good hair. 😉

Favorite Posts from the Archives

Playing Candy Crush with my nephew earlier this month reminded me about that ridiculous post I did about CC a couple years ago when I was OBSESSED with the game. I even dressed as it for Halloween. LOLLOLLOL.

What made your highlight reel in April?

Also any discussions/theories/gossip intel on Lemonade are welcomed and highly encouraged in the comments section …


15-Minute Lateral Low Body Workout (Video)

15-Minute Lateral Low Body Workout (focus on abductors)

Wow my butt is feeling it after shooting this workout yesterday! 🙂

Today’s workout is going to focus on lateral movements and the outsides of our lower body (abductors). It’s great for everyone, but can be especially beneficial for runners. Running is a very forward-backward, single-plane activity so to prevent muscle imbalances, it’s good to mix in some workouts using lateral (side-to-side) movements. I loved megaformer workouts during marathon training for this reason–the lateral sliding on the machine is so good!

I teamed up with Iron Lily on this workout, so let’s first take a second to admire the leggings I’m wearing! Iron Lily is an LA-based women’s activewear line to which I was recently introduced. As a newer brand, the current collection is small, but I instantly was drawn to their leggings. The mesh panel, color blocking and visible seams are totally on trend, and the compression material makes them great for high-intensity workouts. If you like leggings that really hold everything in place, you’ll love these. And the waistband is wide and comes up high enough that the compression material is still flattering around your stomach. Iron Lily leggings

I’m wearing the Vanquish Leggings which retail at $106. It’s a higher price point (although definitely not as high as other brands I’ve seen!), but the quality is great and they’re made right here in the good ol’ USA, which I love. Check them out here!

15-Minute Lateral Low Body Workout

Watch the Video

This 15-minute workout is going to target your lower body using lots of lateral movements. So think abductors. We’re opening up the hips and forcing the outer thigh/side butt area to work. The 15 minutes is broken up into three exercise combos. After each 3-minute combo, you’ll do a 60-second cardio blast. No equipment is needed.

15-Minute Lateral Low Body Workout (focus on abductors)

Combo 1 | Curtsy Lunge + Curtsy Lunge Hold (Balance!)

30 seconds of movement + 10 seconds holding x6 (3 times each leg, alternating)

Curtsy Lunge | Start standing with feet hip-width apart. From here, sink down into your curtsey lunge: right foot stays planted on the ground and as you bend that right knee, reach your left foot behind it as far to the right as you can until it hovers off the ground. To modify, plant the ball of your foot on the floor for stability instead. From this deep lunge position, you’re going to press back up to standing, just lightly tapping your left foot to the floor before sinking back down into your next rep.

Curtsy Lunge Hold | Hold the bottom of your curtsy lunge and then try to hover the back left foot off the ground so that you’re balancing low on your right side.

Speed Skater 60 seconds

These are like side-to-side leaping curtsy lunges. Leap to the right, landing on your right foot and bending down to touch the ground by your foot with your left hand as you swoop your left foot behind the right (think of a curtsy). Come up, leaping left and reversing the move. Keep it going quickly, back and forth, trying to never let that back foot come to rest on the ground—keep the weight in the foot you land on.

Combo 2 | Hydrant Crunch with Lift + Pulses (Straight)

30 seconds of movement + 10 seconds pulsing x6 (3 times each leg, alternating)

Hydrant Crunch with Lift | You’ll be in a stacked/open tabletop position for this one. To set up, get onto all fours and then lower onto your left elbow. Open up your right hip like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant so that your hips are stacked and you’re facing the side of the room rather than the floor. From here, you’re going to crunch the right knee in towards the right shoulder. Extend it back out straight and then lift it up as high as you can keeping the hips stable and lower. Repeat.

Straight Leg Pulses | Hold the leg out straight, thigh bone rotated open (knee and toes point to the wall, not the floor) and from there pulse up and down.

Speed Skater 60 seconds

Combo 3 | Sumo Squat Lifts + Pulse Wide

30 seconds of movement + 10 seconds pulsing x6 (3 times each leg, alternating)

Sumo Squat with Lift | This is a wide-stance squat with a lateral leg lift. Feet wider than hip-distance apart, squat down low. Shift your weight into the left side and then as you begin to straighten the left side and rise up, lift the right leg straight up and out to the side. Lower it, bringing your weight back to center in that deep squat. 

Wide Sumo Squat Pulses | Hold a wide squat and angle your toes outward, knees tracking in line with toes. From here, you’re going to pulse your legs out wide (think of pulling your knees towards the back of the room while you squeeze your glutes).

Speed Skater 60 seconds

And you’re done!

15-Minute Lateral Low Body Workout (focus on abductors)

Good Stretches to Do after This Workout

These are two great stretch options for this particular workout:

15-Minute Lateral Low Body Workout (focus on abductors) 15-Minute Lateral Low Body Workout (focus on abductors)

WEARING | leggings c/o Iron Lily // tank c/o Reebok (old but similar here) // Nike sneakers

Let me know in the comments if you try the workout!


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Iron Lily. While I was compensated for my time, all opinions–as always!–are my own. I appreciate your support of the brands who make this blog possible! 🙂

My Favorite Veggie Sandwich

Sweet Potato Hummus Veggie Sandwich -- my go-to sandwich recipe!

As promised in my last post, I now give you pretty pictures of a sandwich. Because dammit I can’t cry writing every post I put up.

Any time I make a batch of my sweet potato hummus, it’s a guarantee I’ll eat this sandwich for lunch every day until it’s gone. I’m currently obsessed with Whole Foods’ organic quinoa flax bread (pictured), but you could make this as a wrap or with any other bread your little heart desires. If you don’t want to make a batch of sweet potato hummus, just use regular store-bought hummus–still delicious! Sweet Potato Hummus Veggie Sandwich -- my go-to sandwich recipe! Sweet Potato Hummus Veggie Sandwich -- my go-to sandwich recipe! Sweet Potato Hummus Veggie Sandwich -- my go-to sandwich recipe!

My Favorite Veggie Sandwich

Yield: 1 sandwich

My Favorite Veggie Sandwich


  • 2 slices of your favorite bread (or a wrap)
  • Sweet potato hummus
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/2 tomato, sliced
  • Handful of lettuce (I like bibb lettuce for sandwiches)
  • Handful of sprouts
  • Pepper to taste


  1. Make the hummus (click for recipe above in ingredient list).
  2. Toast the bread. Coarsely smash up the avocado on one slice of bread and sprinkle pepper on top. Generously spread sweet potato hummus on the other slice.
  3. Layer on the other ingredients and firmly press sandwich together.

Sweet Potato Hummus Veggie Sandwich -- my go-to sandwich recipe! Sweet Potato Hummus Veggie Sandwich -- my go-to sandwich recipe!

Hope you all have a fun weekend ahead of you! If you’re in Boston, Fitbit Local is having their launch event tomorrow morning by SOWA. Free bootcamp class and yoga–you just need to RSVP here. I’m so excited to be able to workout again without worrying about keeping my legs fresh for a weekly long run! I was definitely doing fitness classes all throughout my training, but as the long runs got to be 15+ miles, I had to cut back a little and strategize the timing of them so my legs wouldn’t be fried. I did Btone this morning for the first time in a couple weeks and it was glorious. GLORIOUS.