At-Home Bodyweight Booty Workout

20-Minute At-Home Booty Workout (no equipment required!)Fitting to post a butt workout on hump(s) day? I think so. This one requires no equipment and very little space so it’s great to do at home. There’s also no jumping so if you need to be considerate to downstairs neighbors or sleeping babies, it’s perfect.

Bodyweight Booty Workout

This workout will take you about 20 minutes to complete (10 minutes each cheek). If you want to make it harder, wear ankle weights. I used a Gymboss Inteval Timer to keep track of the time for this one, but you could also just watch the clock. 20-Minute At-Home Booty Workout (no equipment required!)


There are two sections on the right side. Complete section 1 and then move immediately onto section 2 with minimal rest in between.


You’ll complete each exercise for 20 seconds, moving from one right to the next. Go through the circuit of exercises three times total. If you need to rest, take a 20-second breather after each of the three rounds.

  • Fire Hydrant | Start on your hands and knees in a tabletop position, hands stacked under shoulders, knees stacked under hips. Keeping your right leg in that 90-degree angle, lift that knee out and up in a wing motion (like a dog lifting to take a pee), opening up at the hip. Bring it back in close to the starting position, but try not to fully rest the knee back on the floor. As you do these, pay attention to your core: You want a straight spine, protecting the low back by pulling your abs in tight the whole time.
  • Fire Hydrant Kicks | Hold your leg at the top of your last fire hydrant and from there, bend and straighten from the knee, kicking your leg out to the side and keeping it lifted at hip height (or as close to hip height as you can).
  • Straight Leg Lateral Lifts | Get on your hands and knees in a tabletop position, hands stacked under shoulders, knees stacked under hips. From here, bring your right leg straight out to the right side. Lift it up a couple inches so that it’s hovering off the ground. This is your starting position. From here, lift the right leg up as close to hip height as you can (it’s tough!) and slowly lower back down to a hover. As you do these lifts, try to avoid shifting all your bodyweight into that opposite left side—instead of leaning in the opposite direction as the right leg lifts, you want to keep your body in a centered tabletop. A good way to achieve this is to lift the opposite, left hand off the ground (it’s also more challenging this way).
  • Straight Leg Back Lifts | Same as the exercise before except your leg is no longer out to your side; it’s straight back behind you, lifting up and lowering down.
  • Donkey Kicks | Start on all fours: knees stacked under hips, hands stacked under shoulders. From here, you’re going to press the bottom of your right foot up towards the ceiling, squeezing that right butt cheek. Pause at the top and then lower down most of the way (don’t let the right knee come to rest on the floor). As you do these, keep a straight spine by engaging your abs, pulling the belly button in towards the spin (this will protect your low back).
  • Angled Donkey Kicks | I have to clarify that in the pictures my foot is pointed, but these are better with a flexed foot. Sorry! These are just like donkey kicks except you’re lowing the knee in towards the other knee and then pressing the foot up and out to the side. You should feel these in the side of your butt.


You’ll complete each exercise for 20 seconds, moving from one right to the next. Go through the circuit of exercises three times total. If you need to rest, take a 20-second breather after each of the three rounds.

*Important: You’re still working the right side—make sure you don’t switch over to the left yet. Right foot should be planted firmly on the ground as your base leg for all these moves.

  • Hip Bridge Lifts | Lay on your back, arms flat on the ground by your side for support, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. From here, squeeze your glutes and lift your hips a couple inches off the ground so that your butt is hovering. Lift the left leg straight into the air so that only the right foot is planted on the ground. This is your starting position. From here, thrust the hips upward, squeezing your glutes and pressing through the right foot. Hold for a second at the top and then slowly lower hips back down to a hover (try not to rest your bum on the floor).
  • Hip Bridge Hold with Drawbridge Leg | Hold the hip bridge at the top and, keeping it straight, lower your left leg so that it’s parallel to the ground and then lift it back up to point towards the ceiling. Continue squeezing that right glute and holding your hips in a lifted bridge position as you do this.
  • Hip Bridge Pulses | Hold the top of your hip bridge lift position and pulse up an inch or two and down an inch or two. Focus your attention on the right glute: squeeze, release, squeeze, release.
  • Hip Bridge Pulses with Lifted Heel | Same as the previous exercise except you’ll lift your right heel off the ground. You may have to scoot that foot in a little closer to your bum so that you can really get onto the ball of your foot.

*Modification: If it’s too intense holding that non-working left leg straight up in the air, cross the left ankle over the right knee in a figure 4 shape to make the movements easier.


Repeat sections 1 and 2 on the left side.

20-Minute At-Home Booty Workout (no equipment required!)

WEARING | leggings c/o PRISM Sport (use code ACTPERRY to get 30% off your first order) // lululemon tank (old)

Enjoy your day!


My Favorite Things: June

I made the above picture in Instagram without a filter. True story. Tell me that isn’t the definition of talent in 2015?! Anyway …

I love putting together these monthly favorites posts. They take me roughly 700 hours to do because there’s always so much to include, but they always leave me in a good mood. Here are some highlights from June:

Favorite Products

YBC Mantra Subscription Box

favorites-june-3I got the chance to check out my friend Candace’s new subscription box service (she’s the yogi behind Yoga By Candace) and I loved all the goodies! The box was full of items from small businesses in the health & wellness industry (well, TOMS isn’t exactly small, but the rest are haha) and you also get a letter from the YBC team that talks about that month’s mantra. June’s was all about saying “yes” more–to things that both scare and/or inspire you. Love that.

You can tell the YBC team had high standards in picking the products included in the box. Some of my favorites included soap from King and Bride made with locally-sourced, organic and natural ingredients (smells SO good), body oil from Erbaviva (I love essential oil products!) and macaroons from Emmy’s Organics (ate the whole package in about 5 seconds). favorites-june-7 favorites-june-5 favorites-june-6Keep an eye out for the next Mantra Box to become available–I loved everything in mine, and you get coupon codes for some of the brands included in the box–score!

True Tank II from Fabletics

fabletics-true-tank-iiI got this muscle tank in red as part of this month’s Fabletics outfit and loved it so much that I immediately went back online and ordered it in white as well. The fit, the material, the style–I love it. And it’s a great transitional piece to wear while working out, running errands or even grabbing drinks (pair it with a fun necklace and lace bralette).

Forever21 Necklaces

I’m probably too old to shop at Forever21, but whatever. I went in the other day and their necklace selection right now is AWESOME. Highly recommend you check them out if you need some cheap jewelry to spice up your summer wardrobe. I got this statement necklace that I’ve been wearing any time I’m doing something that won’t allow me to wear yoga pants and a longer necklace to wear with bikinis (I’m really into that look these days). In true F21 fashion, they’ll probably break in a couple months, but whatever, they were $4 … you get what you pay for. :)

These Potential Wedding (Guest) Dresses from Revolve

dress-wear-to-weddingI have a ton of weddings this summer, and while I’ll definitely just borrow for some of them, I can’t pass up the excuse to buy a new cocktail dress or two! These are three I have my eye on and I’d love your opinion–is the orange one too risqué for an outdoor summery wedding? From the front, I say no. But the back has me on the fence. I think the floral skirt would be amazing if I could find the right top to go with it!

These Athleta Sweats

athleta-pumps-iron-3I know I already professed my love for these sweatpants in this post, but I seriously don’t wash them because that’d mean I couldn’t have them on my body for like two whole hours and that’s just crazy. I’m gross, I know.

Favorite Eats/Drinks

Last Night’s Dinner

bday-dinnerYesterday was Joe’s birthday so I made us a big healthy dinner of king crab leg & chilled corn soup, roasted brussles sprouts and a big spinach, sweet potato, shaved apple & quinoa salad. The soup is a recipe I posted years ago, but I’ve since tweaked a few things to make it easier to make and dairy-free so I’ll have to update the post soon. It’s SO GOOD.


cafeteria-cevicheJoe and I have been on a SERIOUS Cafeteria kick. They recently added a quinoa salad to the menu that I’m obsessed with and Joe’s go-to is the taco salad topped with salmon. The shrimp ceviche is also bomb. Doesn’t hurt that it’s only a block from our apartment.

Adding Chia Seeds to Juice

I can’t remember if I mentioned this in last month’s favorites post, but if you regularly make juice, you should try letting chia seeds soak in it for several hours before drinking. It gives the juice an awesome gelatinous texture. I’ll do this if I’m making a big batch of juice to be refrigerated and consumed later.

Cocktails with an Edible Flower Garnish

edible-flowersHow pretty is this bellini from my friend’s bridal shower?!

Dinner at Chesca’s on MV

chescasI spent the night on the Vineyard before heading to my friend’s wedding shower on the Cape so my mom and I went out for a nice girls’ dinner at Chesca’s in Edgartown. I got the Pear Bibb Salad and Thai Chili Grilled Shrimp–so good!

Favorite Workouts

Opening Ride with Keoni at Cyc


Pic from party, not the studio (as I’m sure you guessed by all the booze bottles haha)

Cyc (an indoor cycling studio) just came to Boston, and I was invited to a class and cocktail party at Liquid Art House to celebrate its opening. Keoni, who created the Cyc method, taught the class so as I’m sure you can imagine, it was awesome. It’d be like taking a Lagree Fitness class with Sebastein Lagree. If you haven’t tried Cyc, I’d say it’s similar to Soul Cycle if you were to replace the spiritual mantras with more of a party vibe. And there is a lot more upper body incorporated into Cyc (instead of just one song using weights like at Soul, you use weighted bean bags several times throughout the class). It’s VERY high energy and you spin to the music–at some points Keoni even gets off the bike and starts playing the drums (seriously haha).

Now of course classes all come down to the instructor and I’m assuming Keoni won’t be moving to Boston, but if the other Cyc teachers can bring that same energy, I’m sure the studio will be a success. It’s located in the new David Barton Gym in Back Bay.

WANT TO TRY CYC FOR FREE? I was given three passes for first-time riders to go for free in the goodie bag they gave everyone at the opening party. Leave a comment on this post if you’d like one–I’ll send them to the first three people. They only work for the Boston studio, and you just bring it into Cyc to redeem.

Booty by Brabants @BFX

I’ve wanted to try this class for so long! People rave about Kelly Brabants’ Booty class, and she just started teaching it at the BFX that opened close to me in Back Bay so I went to check it out. It’s so fun! Using resistance bands and sliders, the class is choreographed to the music (don’t be intimidated–it’s not overly complicated at all), and while it (obviously) focuses on your glutes, you do exercises that work your whole body. Some portions have almost a cardio kickboxing feel to them, so you’ll get your cardio fix. Kelly’s energy is awesome and I’ll definitely be back for more.

Speaking of the class, Kelly also makes workout leggings that girls in Boston OBSESS over. The Booty by Brabants leggings are so popular here that they’re even part of the uniform bartenders and bottle girls wear at a nightclub downtown (for real). Kind of hilarious, but apparently they’re THAT flattering. I just ordered my first pair (you can buy them here) so I’ll let you know how they work out. :)

Resistance Band Workouts

20-minute Kettlebell HIIT Workout with resistance band warm upResistance bands have been my go-to piece of equipment this month. I posted a couple workouts using them here and here, and actually just came home from a killer Barry’s class using them this morning. Gonna be sore tomorrow!

Favorite Reads & Watches

Yes Please

favorites-june-2I’ve been wanting to read Amy Poehler’s book for a while now, and was really excited to get it in a goodie box from the kind peeps at Google Express. I’d never heard of Google Express, but apparently you can now shop for items from local stores (anything from toilet paper to books) online and GE will deliver it to you that day. Have you guys ever used it? Pretty cool.

But back to the book–I’m about halfway through it and while it’s definitely an entertaining read and I do really like it, it’s not really what I expected. I need to wait until I finish to fully form my opinion, but right now it feels very random. I’ll update you guys when I’m done.

Articles/Blog Posts

  • I Went Paleo and Now I Hate Everything via The Everywhereist | So funny.
  • How I Got My Awesome ****ing Body via Elephant Journal | Great read. We often don’t appreciate what our body can do, instead focusing on how it looks. Only when your health is taken away from us do we truly appreciate the former.
  • Jon Stewart Made a Brilliant Point about Caitlyn Jenner That Nobody’s Talking About via Mic | Is Jon Stewart not the best??
  • Getting Criticized: 7 Ways to Stay Positive via Hello Fashion Blog | Good read–especially for other bloggers, but really for everyone.

Netflix & Movies

  • OITNB Season 3 | I loved season 1; thought season 2 was boring; and am kinda on the fence with season 3. I do however have a major girl crush on Ruby Rose (like every other basic betch in America) so that made this season worth watching. And is it just me or is Piper THE WORST in season 3?!
  • Jurassic World | I went to see Jurassic World with Joe this past weekend and while I was definitely entertained, I didn’t think it was as scary as Jurassic Park. Then again, I was 5 years old when I saw Jurassic Park. ALSO couldn’t the wardrobe team have put the main chick in flat shoes?! Anyone else think her running through the woods in stilettos and KEEPING UP WITH THE GUY was totally ridiculous? I’m hating on little things though–overall loved the movie and got all sorts of nostalgic for my childhood. Tyrannosaurus Rex > Indominus Rex ALL DAY ER’Y DAY.

Favorite Social Accounts

Instagram: @bo_xox

If you don’t feel like working out today, just watch one of this chick’s videos on Instagram. Holy sh*t. If she’s not in the circus, she needs to be. Girl crush alert! Also, I am obsessed with the @drpimplepopper Instagram account but it is disgusting if you’re not a total sicko like me, so I won’t include a link. But just putting it out there, if you get a strange satisfaction out of popping zits … you should probably be following the account.

A video posted by Samantha Hall (@bo_xox) on

Facebook: Natalie Jill Fit

I get so many ideas for bodyweight and at-home exercises from the videos she posts to her Facebook page daily. It’s a good follow if you teach group fitness classes or just want some ideas for making up your own workouts at home.

Favorite Moments

My Friend’s Bridal Shower on the Cape

falmouthLike I already mentioned, the first weekend in June, I spent the day on the Cape for my friend’s beautiful wedding shower. Perfect weather and so much fun!

Weekends in Boston

view-envoy-hotel-roof-deckI really enjoyed spending the majority of weekends this month in Boston as a sort of calm before the storm. Once July hits, it’s weddings and weekend trips nonstop, so it was nice to take advantage of the fun local stuff there is to do in the summer here. The other weekend we checked out the new rooftop bar at the Envoy Hotel and the views are amazing! If you’re in the area, definitely check it out.

Btone Staff Party/Lip Sync Battle

fave-juneThe Btone staff party was the other week, and if you’re familiar with the studio and our owner Jody, you’re probably not surprised to hear there was a lip sync battle involved. I strategically aligned myself with Emily (who I quickly renamed Abby Lee from Dance Moms) and together with Jenny we brought home the gold for our rendition of Mickey. Fun night with a great group of people!


Favorite Deals & Sales

15% off ALALA for P&I Readers!

I’m really excited to be able to offer you guys 15% off any order at ALALA! I did a roundup of some of my favorite pieces from ALALA here and wore the two items I own in this workout on the blog. To get the discount use code PUMPS15 at checkout.

2 Free Meals from Blue Apron

I’m not sure if 25 have already been claimed, but if not, you can still get two free meals on your first Blue Apron delivery by using THIS LINK. I wrote about my experience with the service last week here.

Cory Vines Summer Sale

Cory Vines has sent me some of their gear in the past to wear on the blog, and I’m a huge fan of their everyday tops. Right now if you spend $50 you get 15% off your order; $100 gets you 20% off; $150 gets you 25% off.

So let’s wrap up:

  • If you’re in Boston and want to try a free Cyc class, let me know in the comments (first three will get a pass).
  • What are some of your favorites from June?
  • Have you read Yes Please? Thoughts? Also, curious–how does it compare to Bossypants? (That’s next on my reading list)
  • Did you binge watch season 3 of OITNB? Thoughts? Did you dislike Piper this season as much as I did?


5 Activewear Brands I’m Loving: Adidas by Stella McCartney


FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: Stellasport Leggings  | Essentials Striped Cotton-blend Sweatshirt  | Cropped Leggings  | Racerback Sports Bra | Studio Performance Tank  | Run Marble Tights | Run Climacool Stretch Tank  | Techfit Leggings


I always love Stella McCartney’s designs for adidas! I’ve never actually bought a piece though…add it to the Christmas list. 😉

Hope you all have a great weekend!

What activewear brands are you loving lately? Do you ever shop Stella McCartney for adidas?