Bodyweight Interval Workout (Perfect for Hotel Rooms while Traveling!)

16-minute bodyweight interval workout -- perfect to do in your hotel room while traveling!Note to self: Remove bottle of wine from bedside table before shooting a workout. Oh, and maybe do a better job making the bed.

During my stay at Hotel Marlowe last week (see yesterday’s post for details), I put together this quick interval workout that’s perfect to do while traveling. There’s not a lot of jumping around so you won’t disturb people in the room below you and it doesn’t require much space at all.

Bodyweight Interval Workout

Set an interval timer for 16 rounds of 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. You’ll go through the following circuit of four exercises four times16-minute bodyweight interval workout -- perfect to do in your hotel room while traveling!

Blast Off Push Ups | Start in a plank position with hands either a little wider than the shoulders (if you want to target the chest with your push up) or stacked under the rib cage in close to your body (if you want to target the triceps with your push up). I’m doing them in these pictures with my hands narrow (I think this way is harder!). From here, bend your knees and shoot your hips back, pressing into your hands so that you’re in a bent-knee down dog position (think of an animal crouching before leaping at prey … weird visual, but whatever, it works!). From here, you’re going to shoot forward back into plank and fluidly right down into your push up. As you press up to straight arms, bend those knees and shoot your booty back into that crouching position.

In the pictures, it looks like I’m stopping in plank before doing the push up, but this should be an explosive forward and down movement–you shoot right into and through plank, down to your push up.

Knee Drivers in Low Lunge | Start in a deep lunge: right foot planted on the ground (keep weight in your heel) with knee bent to a 90 degree angle and the ball of your left foot planted on the floor as far back as you can extend that leg. Your goal is to stay this low on your right leg the whole time. Keeping all your bodyweight in the right heel, drive your left knee forward, in towards your chest and then extend the leg back out, ball of foot tapping lightly back into starting position before going right into your next drive. You want to shift as little weight as possible into your left foot while doing this (focus on that isometric hold on the right).

Next time you go through the circuit, you’ll do this on your left leg. So in total, you do each leg twice in this workout.

Corkscrew Kicks in Plank | Start in a high plank position with your hands stacked under your shoulders. From here, crunch your right knee in towards your chest. Keeping it tucked in, twist through your waist so that your lower body is facing the left (right kneecap now points to the wall rather than the floor). From here, kick your right leg across your body, straightening it to a hover. Reverse the movement back to the starting position.

You’ll do this to the same side the entire 45 seconds. Next time through the circuit, you’ll switch sides. So in total, you kick to each side twice in this workout.

Plie Squat Pulses, Heels Lifted | Start in a wide-stance squat with feet pointing outwards, knees tracking in line with the toes (so engage your outer thighs and glutes to pull the legs open wide). Knees should be deeply bent–get as low as you can–and torso should be upright. From here, lift up onto the balls of your feet and begin to pulse, keeping your knees bent and staying low in the squat position. Lifting the heels makes this a balance challenge.

If lifting your heels isn’t happening, just do the pulses in a regular plie squat, feet flat on the floor. 16-minute bodyweight interval workout -- perfect to do in your hotel room while traveling!

Even if you’re not in a hotel, try this workout! Great for small apartment spaces and busy days when you can only fit in a quick sweat sesh. :)


Healthy Travel: Feel OM-azing Package at Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge

Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeI had the best mini staycation last week! Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge recently started offering a package for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle during their stay. The Feel OM-azing package includes an overnight stay in one of their gorgeous suites; a personal in-room yoga lesson provided by Melissa Milling of Live Sano; a healthy breakfast from Bambara (the hotel’s restaurant); a cold-pressed juice; and their Yoga Mat Rollout Service, which provides you with a mat, blocks, towels, water and a healthy post-flow snack of fresh fruit and mixed nuts. With the stress of my knee injury and a busy work schedule, this overnight was exactly what I needed! 

The Hotel & Room

Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeKimpton hotels are known for their bold design elements, and Hotel Marlowe is no exception. I love the fun patterns and stand-out decor throughout the hotel and room. I was given one of their executive suites and I was blown away at how big it was. Literally larger than my apartment (not that that’s saying much since I live in a studio haha). You walk into a living room space with a desk and television and then that opens up into the bedroom, complete with a second tv and day bed. Connecting the two in a loop fashion is a large bathroom with full-sized jacuzzi tub. Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeHotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeMy room had a view of the Charles River, which was gorgeous at night with all the lights from the buildings along Boston’s skyline. Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeFrom the lobby to the suite, I thought the hotel was excellent and wished I could have stayed longer!

The Yoga Lesson

Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeShortly after checking in, it was time for my private yoga lesson. I scheduled it this way so that the room would still be clean (an hour into being in a hotel room, my clothes are EVERYWHERE, I can’t help it). I also love doing yoga at night/in the late afternoon as opposed to first thing in the morning because it helps any stresses from the day fade away. Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge

My yoga instructor, Melissa of Live Sano, was an absolute sweetheart. I loved the one-on-one attention because I was able to tell her what areas are tight (holy shoulders) and she adjusted the lesson to include lots of poses and stretches specifically for me. I felt amazing at the end! Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeEvery evening from 5-6pm, Hotel Marlowe does a wine hour in their lobby–hello, perfect timing. I finished yoga and wandered down to the lobby to grab a complimentary glass of red, which I enjoyed in my room while cozied up in one of their signature animal-print bathrobes.

The Food & Drinks

Before yoga, room service stopped by with a healthy snack, water and a sweet welcome note. Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge

Joe didn’t join me until late that evening so I decided to order room service for dinner. The menu has lots of healthy options, and I ended up going with their chopped salad and a side of roasted brussles sprouts. Both were delicious! Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge

As part of the Feel OM-azing package, you get a complimentary cold-pressed juice. The next morning, I went with their green option which I sipped on in bed while doing a little blog work. Snow was falling outside and it seriously could not have been a better way to start the day.

Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge

Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeAlso included in the package is a $25 room credit to use on breakfast. I went with oatmeal and a smoothie and Joe stuck with eggs–everything was delicious!

Other Ways to Be Active during Your Stay

Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeAll guests have access to the hotel’s fitness center (regardless of if you’ve purchased the Feel Om-azing package), which was located on my floor down the hall. It was small but had everything you’d need–cardio equipment, weight machines and free weights, foam rollers, BOSU balls, benches, etc. Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeWith the Charles River and its awesome surrounding bike path right in the hotel’s front yard, they also offer free kayaks and bikes for your use. I’d absolutely recommend taking advantage of them if you stay during the warmer months. The views of the city from the Charles are awesome and the area is always teeming with activity when it’s nice outside. Had my knee not been bothering me, I probably would have gone for a run along the river during my stay.

All the staff were so friendly and helpful throughout my quick, but awesome stay. A big thanks to Kimpton for having me! I actually shot a workout in the hotel room before I left (checkout isn’t until noon so I had some time to work there Friday morning) and that’ll be up on the blog tomorrow. It’s great for doing while traveling or any time you’re short on space and equipment.

For more details on Hotel Marlowe’s Feel Om-azing Package you can visit their website

Have you ever done a wellness package at a hotel or other healthy travel program?


Training for a Marathon while Injured

long-run-marathon-route-selfieSooo I wouldn’t exactly say marathon training has been going *well*…

In my last update I talked about a bit of an emotional breakdown due to overextending myself with work. I thought a positive attitude had gotten me through that but turns out a smile doesn’t change the fact that I was simply doing more than my body (and mind) could handle. I was rundown and constantly tired with no signs of slowing–it was a breeding ground for injury.

Week 7 Recap

MONDAY | 10-Mile Run

frozen-charles-river This was the first training run I did along the marathon route. I took the green line out to Newton and then ran home. I actually live on the marathon route, right by the end of the course, so I quite literally ran home. It got me so excited for race day! And Heartbreak Hill isn’t too bad … when it comes at mile 4. 😉

I felt great during this run but it ended up being slower than my other two 10-mile runs because of the snow on the ground. Once I got onto Comm Ave it was clear, but the first two miles I was tip-toe prancing in 4 inches of disgusting snowy slush. I couldn’t really avoid it by getting off the sidewalks either because Washington St. is a major road. I would encounter this same problem every time I neared an intersection as well. That aside, I felt great, which is the most important thing in my book.

TUESDAY | Strength Training Double Session (Btone + BodyPump)

I took a Btone class in the morning and then that evening went to check out BodyPump at BSC for a blog project.

I would say this is when I started to notice something was a little off with my right knee. I didn’t think much of it though because it felt kinda like I just had a bruise on my knee cap: tender to the touch, hurt if I kneeled directly on it, but wasn’t affecting my range of motion and didn’t seem bothered by impact or movement. I figured I’d just bumped into something.

WEDNESDAY | Active Rest

I had a busy teaching day, which I think only aggravated my knee more. When you demo some exercises for the class, you mimic the megaformer on the floor by kneeling down and sort of dragging your lower body across the floor (this sounds totally bizarre if you’ve never taken a Lagree Fitness class, I know, haha). Every time I demoed wheelbarrow or cobra, my knee was NOT having it. Still, it didn’t seem to affect other activities so I wrote it off as a bruise.

THURSDAY | 3-Mile Run + Yoga (YogaWorks)

running-comm-ave-mallIt’s a cool marker of how far I’ve come with the training that running three miles feels like NOTHING. It doesn’t even mentally register as a “real” workout (even though it most definitely is). Crazy! Knee felt fine during the run, but it yelled at me a few times throughout the Hip Hop Yoga class I took at YogaWorks that evening (any time I kneeled on it). When I walked home from yoga, it felt achey. Ok, starting to worry …


swollen-kneeYeah, yeah, my pinkie toes are weird. I’m aware, and I embrace them.

I taught four classes Friday morning and that was the last straw for my knee. When I got home, it started to stiffen and swell up, and by that evening, it looked like I was smuggling a softball under my skin. Because of the swelling I could barely bend it.

Normally, my reaction would be immediate despair and anxiety. But–as weird as this sounds–I honestly felt a little relieved by it. My body was telling me I needed to slow the hell down and I just looked at my throbbing, swollen knee and said a silent thank you to it. You’re right, I need to pump the breaks.

Rest, frequent icing, elevation–I cancelled all my active plans for the weekend and instead devoted myself to healing my knee. By the end of the weekend the swelling was pretty much gone and I could walk normally, but I still couldn’t bend it deeply (quad stretch = no way) or put pressure on it (kneeling = not happening).

Week 8 Recap

It was a no-brainer that I’d take the week off from running. The notion made me a little nervous–a natural reaction when you’ve committed yourself to training towards a goal with a set-in-stone date. But as I talked to more and more people, I felt reassured and even good about skipping a week of running.

I was told stories of people who’d done their entire training for the marathon on an elliptical to lessen the impact on a bum knee. Other people told me they only ran once a week for their long runs and then did other forms of low-impact cardio the rest of the week to avoid injury. People reminded me that overall physical fitness is a huge part and I’ve been committed to regularly working out for years. I can do this. A week off is good. Don’t push your knee or it’ll just end up worse.

MONDAY | Spin (Recycle) + Strength (Btone)

giant-plank-to-pikeI was itching to workout after three days of barely being able to move. I took a spin class at Recycle, sitting in the back corner so that I could modify if needed. I knew the seated stuff would be fine but wasn’t sure how riding in third would feel. I was elated to find that I could do 90% off the class without my knee speaking up at all! Quick jumps from first to third were the only moves I had to skip.

After spin I walked across the street to take a Btone class, and while I had to modify all the kneeling positions, I know that machine like the back of my hand at this point so I was comfortable in knowing what moves to substitute. Again, I just went off to a corner machine so that I wouldn’t distract the class during the exercises I had to adjust.

TUESDAY | Spin (Recycle) + Yoga (YogaWorks)

Feeling excited after a double of classes the day before, I again went to a class at Recycle followed by yoga at YogaWorks. I modified some of the yoga flow to avoid kneeling on my right side, but otherwise was able to do everything pain-free. Yay!

WEDNESDAY | Quick Core Workout

In between teaching classes, I put myself through a 10-minute core workout on the megaformer. Self motivating on that torture device is no easy feat haha. Here’s a little video I posted to Instagram that shows part of what I did. In real life everything is done much slower and you stay on each movement for a minute.

THURSDAY | Spin (SoulCycle) + Yoga at Hotel Marlowe

yoga-hotel-marloweSoulCycle had a Super Bowl Halftime Show class (Beyonce!!) conveniently following the two classes I was teaching at Btone that morning so I walked over to spin. Later in the day I checked into Hotel Marlowe for a blog project. As part of their Feel OMazing package, I got a private yoga lesson in my suite! I’ll be sharing all the details tomorrow or Tuesday.

FRIDAY | Strength (Btone)

I took the Btone class right before the night shift I was covering.


SUNDAY (today) | Test Run, Literally

charles-river-run-3I AM SO HAPPY. I subbed a couple classes in the North End this morning and decided to run home afterwards to test out the ol’ knee (it’s been feeling 100% the past couple days). No irritation AT ALL! I felt so good I contemplated continuing and just doing the long run I have planned for tomorrow. But to be safe, I think it’s best not to jump the gun and see how it feels tomorrow. Discipline doesn’t always involve doing that which you don’t want to do; sometimes it’s equally important to hold back when you want to go all out. I ran an easy three miles today, spent a lot of time foam rolling and stretching, and iced my knee afterwards just to be safe.

WOOOO I’m back in action! :)

Have you had to train through an injury?

P.S. I honestly don’t even know who’s playing tonight, but go Beyonce!