Raspberry Mint Chia Seed Pudding Smoothie + Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by my friends at MegaFood. All opinions—as always!—are my own. I appreciate your support of the wonderful brands that make this blog possible. 🙂

So is it chia seed pudding or is it a smoothie? Both! I’ve mentioned before that sometimes—as delicious as they are—smoothies don’t fully satisfy me as a meal because I haven’t chewed anything. I’ll finish my smoothie then reach for something to eat. So the other day the idea popped into my head to just top my smoothie with something I could dig a spoon into. Duh. Friends, meet my delicious Frankenstein creation: the raspberry mint chia seed pudding smoothie.

Slurp down this raspberry mint chia seed pudding smoothie with a straw ... then a spoon!

You slurp down the smoothie portion with a straw as the chia seed pudding inches its way to the bottom of the glass, picking up streaks of yummy smoothie as it goes. When the last slurp gets stopped short with the thick pudding clogging the straw, your reach for your spoon and dig in.

One of my favorite smoothie add-ins is a scoop from one (or several) of MegaFood’s Daily Nutrient Booster Powders. You might remember these two recipes I posted last year using them:

Slurp down this raspberry mint chia seed pudding smoothie with a straw ... then a spoon!

For today’s raspberry mint chia seed pudding smoothie, I’m adding in a scoop of Daily Energy. This whole food powder is “mindfully crafted” to support a healthy, active lifestyle.* I love that phrase—”mindfully crafted”—and it really does sum up the way in which MegaFood approaches all its products. Daily Energy contains Eleuthero, Ashwagandha and Bacopa, herbs that have been celebrated through history for supporting a healthy stress response. It also contains FoodState® Chromium and Green Tea to help enhance mental alertness, focus and healthy metabolism.*

For those thinking, “What the heck is FoodState?”: MegaFood’s FoodState Nutrients are made with whole foods to provide essential vitamins and minerals. They’re gentle on the body and easy-to-digest, which is why you can take MegaFood supplements even on an empty stomach. I try to take my vitamins with breakfast, but some mornings I’m racing off to teach at the crack of dawn and it just doesn’t happen. I love that I can still take my multi without getting a stomach ache!

Slurp down this raspberry mint chia seed pudding smoothie with a straw ... then a spoon!

Raspberry Mint Chia Seed Pudding Smoothie

Yield: 1 smoothie

Raspberry Mint Chia Seed Pudding Smoothie


  • ½ heaping cup fresh raspberries
  • 1-2 tbsp packed fresh mint leaves (if you just want a subtle mint flavor do 1—I love mint so I usually do 2)
  • 1 banana, frozen*
  • 1 scoop Daily Energy
  • ⅓ cup coconut milk, plus more if needed to reach desired consistency
  • Toppings of choice: I used frozen raspberries (so the pictures would be pretty—in real life, I like fresh) and bee pollen. Granola or a little peanut butter would also be yummy!
  • For the chia seed pudding:
  • ⅓ cup coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 3-4 raspberries, muddled (optional—this is just to give it a pink hue)


  1. Stir together the chia seed pudding ingredients and let sit for 10 minutes (until gelled and thick).
  2. Blend smoothie ingredients in a high-speed blender. If too thick, slowly add coconut milk.
  3. Pour the smoothie into a glass then top with the chia seed pudding. Finish with desired toppings.
  4. Enjoy with a straw … then a spoon!


*If you only have fresh bananas on hand, you could use frozen raspberries instead of fresh. Just make sure one or the other is frozen so you get a good, thick smoothie texture.


Slurp down this raspberry mint chia seed pudding smoothie with a straw ... then a spoon!

You’ll notice in the above recipe that the chia seed pudding portion is really simple and plain. That’s because you’ll have smoothie remnants and toppings at the bottom of your glass to mix into it with each spoonful.

Daily Energy Instagram Giveaway

Before you run off to make your own chia seed pudding smoothie, hop on over to Instagram to enter to win a jar of Daily Energy Nutrient Booster Powder for you and a friend! Post is embedded below as well to make things easier.

To enter:

  • Follow @nicoleperr (that’s me) and @megafood on Instagram
  • Tag a friend in the comments section of my giveaway Instagram post (below)

That’s it! I’ll randomly pick a winner tonight and you and the friend you tagged will both receive some Daily Energy to take your smoothies to the next level.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

10-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout (Perfect When Traveling!)

This 10-minute bodyweight HIIT workout is perfect to do when short on time or traveling. No equipment needed.

I spent several days on the Vineyard to hang with my dad for Father’s Day weekend, and since his sunroom was just begging to be converted into a YouTube studio (#worsthouseguestever), I decided to film a quick workout. To get the most out of this 10-minute bodyweight HIIT workout, I decided to pick five exercises that I dread. Those moves we dread are often the ones we should be doing, as they tend to highlight the areas which could use the most strengthening.

I tend to put together workouts using exercises I’m good at (hello, planks and slider exercises!) because I feel way more confident filming myself doing those. If I want to see real improvement though, I have to swallow my pride a little and include the exercises I’m not so good at in these videos. So tricep push ups and v-ups it is. Riding the struggle bus more than usual in today’s workout video, which is a good thing. 😉

10-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout

For this interval workout, you’ll do 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest, going through a circuit of five exercises twice. As with all workouts, make sure to warm up beforehand. In the video, I’ll give options for modifying each exercise so don’t be intimidated if you’re a beginner! If you’re a true newbie or working with injuries, however, I might suggest trying this beginner tabata workout instead. It’s a great place to start!

This 10-minute bodyweight HIIT workout is perfect to do when short on time or traveling. No equipment needed.

Exercise Descriptions

Jump Tuck Burpees | This is a traditional burpee with a jump tuck instead of a basic overhead jump. From a standing position, squat down, bringing your hands to the floor. Hop your feet back into a plank position. Quickly hop them back up towards your hands. Do a jump tuck. For the jump tuck: Jump up into the air, using your core to pull your knees up towards your chest. Lower them quickly in time to land. You’ll want to bend your knees, sinking into a squat to prep for the jump, and you’ll land this same way, sinking into a squat to absorb the landing. As you jump up bring your hands in front of your rib cage and try to hit them with your knees.

Blast Off Push Ups | Start in a plank position with hands either a little wider than the shoulders (if you want to target the chest with your push up) or stacked under the rib cage in close to your body (if you want to target the triceps with your push up). I’m doing them in these pictures with my hands narrow (I think this way is harder!). From here, bend your knees and shoot your hips back, pressing into your hands so that you’re in a bent-knee down dog position (think of an animal crouching before leaping at prey … weird visual, but whatever, it works!). From here, you’re going to shoot forward back into plank and fluidly right down into your push up. As you press up to straight arms, bend those knees and shoot your booty back into that crouching position.

V-Ups | Start on your back with arms stretched overhead and legs hovering just slightly above the ground. Pull your abs in tight and press your low back to the ground. You’ll then crunch up, bringing your hands towards your toes (keeping legs and arms straight). When done correctly, your body will make a “v” shape as you crunch; this means you’re not just reaching your arms up, your chest needs to move towards your knees. Lower back down to starting position. If possible, your feet should never touch the ground between reps.

Surfer Get-Ups | Start laying on your stomach with hands by your side. Squeeze your back and glutes to lift your chest and hands off the ground. Lower your hands back to the ground by your rib cage. From here, you’re going to explosively press up and jump into a low squat with one foot in front and the other staggered behind (think of a surfer jumping up on the board to catch a wave). From here, bring your hands back to the ground as you jump your feet back into plank lower your body to the ground with control. Repeat from the top, this time landing in low squat with your other foot in front.

Squat Jacks | Start in a low squat position with feet wide, weight in your heels, low abs engaged, hips back. Staying low in a squat, jump your feet in close together and then jump your feet out wide again to the starting position. 

This 10-minute bodyweight HIIT workout is perfect to do when short on time or traveling. No equipment needed.

WEARING | Lululemon leggings (old—shop current selection here) // Everybody Fights tank

Spring Stitch Fix Review: 3 Keepers

In this spring Stitch Fix review, I'm sharing the three keepers from my latest fixes and how to style them.

Links to Stitch Fix and outfit details throughout this post are affiliate.

It’s been forever since I’ve shared a style post on the blog (Pumps & Iron should just be Pumping Iron at this point) so I thought it’d be fun to show you guys a few pieces from my two most recent Stitch Fix deliveries. I get a fix every other month so this spring Stitch Fix review is of keepers from April and June.

I mentioned in past posts that I increased my price ranges in my Stitch Fix profile. The great thing about that is I’m getting high quality pieces from brands I know and love. The downside is that I typically can only afford to keep one or two items from each fix. That’s not really a downside though as I have more of a quality-over-quantity attitude about my wardrobe—a necessity when you share a closet with your boyfriend in a small city apartment.

Spring Stitch Fix Review

The Charlie High Rise Skinny Jean by Joe’s Jeans

In this spring Stitch Fix review, I'm sharing the three keepers from my latest fixes and how to style them.

OUTFIT DETAILS | Hummingbird bodysuit via Stitch Fix // Urban Outfitters sunglasses // Joe’s Jeans via Stitch Fix (also available in a cropped version) // Street Level bag via Stitch Fix // Steve Madden strappy heels

I usually get designer jeans from Nordstrom Rack (it’s so hard to justify paying full-price when you can always find them on sale!), but when I tried these on from my April fix delivery, it was one of those don’t-care-what-the-price-tag-says-I-need-these moments. They’re just so comfortable! And ripped! And actually long enough for me! Worth the $150 because I wear them at least twice a week.

High Rise Button-Up White Jeans by Pistola

OUTFIT DETAILS | MODA International blouse — super old, but Revolve has a ton of adorable floral blouses (one of each, please) // Pistola jeans via Stitch Fix // Kork-Ease heels — old, but this pair is cute, too!

White jeans have a lifespan of about one summer with me (note to self: stop wearing them to The Chicken Box). And true to form, these white jeans from two summers ago are now stained and ready to be retired. These new white jeans have a cute frayed hem and a button fly which is a super cute detail if paired with a cropped top or bodysuit. This is my second pair of Pistola jeans from Stitch Fix now and I’m a big fan of the brand. More affordable than other designers (around $80) and have a lot of stretch to them. In this spring Stitch Fix review, I'm sharing the three keepers from my latest fixes and how to style them. In this spring Stitch Fix review, I'm sharing the three keepers from my latest fixes and how to style them.

OUTFIT DETAILS | Pistola jeans via Stitch Fix // adidas sneakers // a shirt I stole from Joe (haha)

White jeans are great for dressing up and down. I like wearing them with longer shirts like this plaid one I stole from Joe’s side of the closet because then when I inevitably sit down on dirty benches or the grass I have a layer of protection over my white pants. 😉

Ruffle Bodysuit by Hummingbird

In this spring Stitch Fix review, I'm sharing the three keepers from my latest fixes and how to style them.

I’m obsessed with this bodysuit and the best part? Under $30! It’d look so cute with high waist shorts, a maxi skirt or jeans. Because the ruffled part is fairly long, I don’t have to wear a bra with it which is the real standout feature—anyone else thing strapless bras are the devil’s handiwork? Can’t. Stand. Them.

If you like these occasional style posts, let me know! I honestly don’t shop frequently enough anymore to do these all the time (unless you guys are into seeing me in the same shirt and jeans every day haha), but I’d be down to get my fake model on every other week or so.

I highly doubt the dads of America are spending their Sunday reading a Stitch Fix post on Pumps & Iron, but if any are: Happy Father’s Day! 🙂