Maxi & Denim

Wearing Abercrombie & Fitch after the age of 18 without looking like The Situation is a skill few have. Hopefully you agree that I’m one of the few, the proud, (the Marines) because in this outfit I’m rocking an Abercrombie denim jacket I bought sophomore year of high school. HIGH SCHOOL.

Maybe I should be embarrassed by the fact that I still own this thing, but truth be told, this 24 year old still loves her some A&F denim. Not so much the pants, but their ripped denim shorts are the best—granted, they’re more like ripped denim underwear, but no one has ever accused me of dressing modestly.

A surprise visitor came along. I had to crop it because the dog and I were basically making out, and I’m trying to keep this blog PG-13. Bowm-chicka-wom-wommmm!

 {dress: Mai Tai via eBay}
{jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch}
{boots: Durango}
{earrings: Aldo}
{necklace: Old Navy}
{sunglasses: Ray-Ban}


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  1. 50 plus says:

    Love the dog photo insert and comentary.LOL!

  2. your boobs look fantastic in this shoot xxx dicky doo xx

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