Deck of Cards Jump Rope Workout

I love turning workouts into games, and when a trainer introduced me to the deck-of-cards concept, I was hooked. Here are the general rules:

  • Each suit corresponds to a different exercise.
  • Each number tells you how many reps of that exercise you’ll do.
  • Face cards = 10
  • Aces = 11
  • Flip over the cards one at a time until you’ve gone through the entire deck.

Deck of Cards Jump Rope Workout

Equipment I used:

  • Jump rope
  • Exercise mat

For today’s deck of cards jump rope workout:

  • Hearts = Push Ups
  • Diamonds = Leg Lifts with a Reverse Crunch
  • Clubs = Jump Rope x 10 (multiply the number on the card by 10)
  • Spades = Split Squats x 2 (multiply the number on the card by 2)

I’m going to assume push-ups and jumping rope are self-explanatory, but here’s how to do the other moves:

  • Leg Lifts with a Reverse Crunch: Laying on your back with hands under your bum for support, lift legs off the ground and up, perpendicular to the ground (keeping them straight the whole time). Then lift your butt off the ground, thrusting your legs upward. Lower butt to ground and then lower legs almost to ground (feet should remain off the floor the whole time).
  • Split Squats: Start in deep squatting position with feet staggered. Back foot should be on the ball; front foot should be flat. Jump up and switch legs, landing back in deep squat with opposite leg in front.

All you need for today’s workout is a jump rope and a deck of cards. And you don’t even really need a jump rope. I’ve jumped rope with an invisible rope tons of times. Sure, you kinda look like a crazy person holding onto nonexistent rope handles and moving your wrists in tight little circles as you jump, but you still get that heart rate up and that’s all that matters!

Try this workout and let me know what you think! I also encourage you to experiment with the deck of cards structure and assign your own moves to each suit. I do these frequently so I’ll be sure to post my other variations as well.

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  1. Sounds fun!

  2. Here I am, too lazy to hit the gym, was contemplating on whether I should just go home. But then I saw this post and your ridiculous body. Hitting the gym now! KTHNXBYE

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  4. awesome workout!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Workout is creative and keeps you focused! Amazing!
    Love it

  6. Anonymous says:

    Creative workout. Keeps you focused! Love it.

  7. Really neat idea. I will definitely have to pick up my invisible jump rope asap.

  8. Wow! :)) I might play this “game” with my friends!

  9. Cmq gli esercizi che ci fai vedere sono eccellenti…ma tanto a te nn servono!!Hai un fisico perfetto!!Beata te hihihihhi :-D!

  10. I like your pants! where/when did you get them? thanks!

  11. Just did it, it was just what I was looking for! I needed something new to do in the lounge while my girls are tucked up asleep for the night. Thanks for the great idea!

  12. rope workouts says:

    your blog is very attractive . I like it very much. Thanks for shares.

  13. Hey Nicole,
    I love your photo collage on this workout with the suite icons (heart, spade, ect..). What program do you use to make those and the workout info-graphics? I had forgotten about card-based workouts. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll have to reintegrate that into my workouts, however sore I may be the next days after. Merry Christmas!

  14. Chelsea Saunier says:

    This one looks fun! How long of a time did this average you (if you can remember, I realize this is from 2012 lol)

    • I can’t remember exactly, but I know it is on the shorter side for deck-of-cards workouts I’ve posted. If I had to guestimate, I’d say you could get through it in 20-30mins? Now I want to pull it out of the archives and try–I haven’t done this one in forever! 🙂

      • Chelsea Saunier says:

        I did it this morning! I subbed the jump rope for burpees and split squats for jump lunges cause I have lowish ceilings and it’s pretty dark outside at 5:30am in Vancouver 🙁 Phew! I got through 40 cards and was at 28 minutes so I’d say you’re right! Thanks for such an awesome workout idea!!

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