Half Marathon Training Week 3

Ruht roh. Looks like someone is starting a pattern of skipping her Saturday run…

I was anticipating it this week, however, so I made sure to get my long run in on Friday. That makes me only half a slacker, right?

  • Monday: Usually I’m strictly a morning runner, but I switched it up today and went for a sunset run along the Charles River. I figured I’d be sluggish and tired running so late in the day, but Boston was so pretty at that hour, I couldn’t help but enjoy every second of the run. During my lunch break I did a quick power wheel ab workout (which I’ll eventually share on the blog).
  • Tuesday: Monday’s night run was so pleasant that I decided to do another sunset workout. During my lunch break I did this full-body pyramid workout.
  • Wednesday: I ran in the morning, but I use the term “ran” loosely. It was more of a leisurely jog.
  • Thursday: I did an intense 15-minute workout on my lunch break that I’ll post on the blog soon.
  • Friday: Sluggish is the understatement of the century. Busy week, not enough sleep and one painful run as a result.
  • Saturday: I had a feeling I wouldn’t run today (had a weekend planned on the island with some friends) so I purposely did my long run on Friday. Skipping a 3-miler is better than skipping a 6-miler, right? Right.
  • Sunday: Rest.
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  1. Oh don’t worry. I have not yet even started running…. And I’ve been meaning to this month of August….

  2. Great photos!

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