DIY Studded Canvas Sneakers

For today’s DIY project, I’m finally putting to use a bag of studs that I bought months ago. Urban Outfitters is having an end-of-season sale (like the rest of the retailing world), and currently has canvas sneakers priced at 2 for $30. I saw that and my inner kindergarten crafter nerd started squealing. Not only do I have something to studify (that’s now a word), but if I mess up—which happens on the reg—I have a backup pair of sneakers! It was a happy day.

All you’ll need for this project is:

  • Canvas sneakers: Converse would work, or just visit UO’s sale
  • Studs: I purchased mine from Studs and Spikes and got the Medium 3/8” Silver Pyramid Studs (I know, I know, the website is creepy as all hell)
  • Pliers

You can really stud any part of the shoe you’d like, but I opted to do the heel and outline the seam separating the laces from the toes.

Push the stud’s teeth through the canvas, and then fold the teeth flat on top of each other using the pliers. Repeat and repeat some more.

If the pliers can’t reach the stud (this happened for me with the studs closest to the shoe’s sole), use the closed nose of the pliers to push the teeth down. It shouldn’t take too much extra exertion.

Make sure all the teeth are folded down flat so that you don’t snag yourself when you go to wear your new badass studded sneakers.


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  1. oh, those are super cute! great idea.

  2. did the studs hurt on the inside? it looks like it might

    • They didn’t, but I had to take extra care to really flatten the teeth down with the pliers as much as they would go.

  3. cool can i buy them?

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