White & Ombre Denim


As summer dwindles, I’m trying to get the most use I possibly can out of these white ombre jeans. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I did the ombre dye job myself (learn how to do it to your own jeans with my tutorial), and I can’t help but obnoxiously reply “thanks, I made them myself!” whenever someone compliments me on them. I’m annoying. And I can’t even image how bad I’ll be about bragging about my future kids. “Thanks, I made them, too!”

Ok, gross joke. Moving on…

White is my favorite color, and I love white-on-white clothing combos. And with Labor Day looming, I needed to get my fix. I scored the sheer cowgirl-esque blouse at LF’s semi-annual 60%-off sale (if you haven’t gone yet, go before it’s over!) and love the uneven hem.

{blouse: LF Stores}
{jeans: Rock & Republic, DIY dye job}
{shoes: Aldo}
{vest: Diesel via Buffalo Exchange}
{necklace: Urban Outfitters}

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