Half Marathon Training Week 5

Better late than never? Here’s last week’s running wrap-up, I’ll post this week’s on Sunday (maybe…never know with me, I try to keep things unpredictable).

  • Monday: Halfway through this run, I knew it was going to be a long week. My entire left toe turned into one big blister and I sprouted not one, but three blood blisters on my right foot. I blame the lethal combination of running more weekly mileage than normal and wearing completely impractical heels during the rest of my non-running day.
  • Tuesday: My blisters started growing blisters. I didn’t even know that was possible. On my lunch break I did the Quick-hit Countdown Workout I posted back in June. Such a good one!
  • Wednesday: What’s that you say? You want to hear more about my blisters? Well, ok fine. A couple of the blood blisters turned into blood scabs which actually made running a whole lot more pain-free. Oh joy.
  • Thursday: I did the Plank Workout I posted back in May to start off the morning then spent the rest of the day (trying to) let my decrepit feet heal.
  • Friday: Blah blah blisters blah blah.
  • Saturday: I always try to be responsible about being irresponsible, so I woke up extra early to get this long run in before heading out to Gillette Stadium to tailgate for the all-day booze bash that is Country Fest. Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw were awesome in concert (I think), and just like last year, the day ended with me swearing to never drink again and never attend Country Fest again.
  • Sunday: Recovery day. Not from running. From Country Fest.

As always with my half marathon training posts, most pictures can be found on Instagram @nicoleperr.


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  1. Monitoring body perforamance is good for an athlete.

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