End-of-Summer Sun Dress

Happy Labor Day! I hope you all are on a nice long-weekend vacation right now—unlike me, who is stuck moving into my new apartment all weekend.

If you’re as unhealthily obsessed with Pinterest as I am, you’ve probably seen tons of outfits from Sabo Skirt floating around. I’ve lusted over many of their pieces, but always held off buying anything because the shipping costs from Australia were almost as much as some of the clothing.

But this dress was abso-freaking-lutely worth the international shipping. And since this is technically the last day of the year it’s acceptable to wear white pants or white sundresses (damn you, Labor Day!), I’m celebrating the unofficial end of summer with this off-the-shoulder number.

Enjoy your day off and give those white pants and sundresses a proper going-away party!

{dress: Sabo Skirt}

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  1. I love your blog and this dress is STUNNING!!!!!! Even though it’s gettin cooler now I’m still in denial and pretending it’s summer lol. I’m add this dress to my favs!

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