Half Marathon Training Week 7

Moving into a new apartment + busy work week + weekend trip out of town for a bridal shower = lamest blogger ever. But I’ve got a week full of posts coming at you, so I’ll skip the apologies and just get to it.

  • Monday: Three-day weekends are the best. A quick three-miler after reading on the beach by my new apartment (and avoiding unpacking) was the perfect ending to the day.
  • Tuesday: I don’t know how to properly convey through feeble words how much I utterly detest running on a treadmill. I would rather run 500 miles barefoot while being chased by rabid raccoons through lava and spider webs than run 50 yards on a treadmill. Even in the dead of winter, I will wake up in the pitch dark and freezing cold and go for a run outside to avoid that piece of machinery. The two conditions I can’t avoid it: torrential downpours and blizzards. Today I was dealt the former and forced to run inside during my lunch break. Hated. It.
  • Wednesday: Pushed today’s scheduled run to Thursday because I’m a G and I do what I want.
  • Thursday: Moving into a new place combined with a busy week at work really started taking its toll on me. And I was absolutely exhausted during this run. But, on the bright side, I got to witness one of the prettiest sunrises I’d seen in a long time.
  • Friday: Thursday was Fashion’s Night Out, and while Boston is no Manhattan when it comes to style, I still was excited to experience FNO on Newbury Street. A fun night meant a great excuse to blow off today’s run…oops.
  • Saturday: My 7-mile run times have been slowly improving, but enough is enough. The next time I have to run 7 miles, I’m going to finish in under an hour, damnit.
  • Sunday: Rest.
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  1. Beautiful pictures no wonder you run during this time!

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