Inkwell Filter

“Inkwell filter” is Instagram talk for “black and white.” Because I am addicted and I am a loser.

This Pleasure Doing Business bandage skirt is like an industrial-strength girdle. I bought it in college (which was convenient because I needed a girdle after that damn freshman 15 decided to claim me as a victim), and it’s still one of my favorite skirts today.

Black and white, while not the most creative color combination, is classic and easy to pull off. And I love easy.

{skirt: Pleasure Doing Business}
{top: LF Stores, also worn here}
{pumps: Steve Madden, also worn here and here}
{clutch: Steve Madden}
{cuff bracelets: H&M}

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  1. Love it!

  2. I love the courage you have to wear dresses like these, as I always feel so naked in them. Just me and I admire you for wearing them.

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