Seasonally Inappropriate

Yeah, yeah, I’m pushing it wearing shorts this late in the year, I know. But one of my favorite combos is shorts and long sleeves.

Another of my other favorite combos is white sneakers with…everything. When I first saw these in Urban Outfitters my first thought was “old people shoes from the 90s.” You know the ones. All white with real thick soles and—if they were really fantastic—Velcro.

Despite my reservations, I bought them and they instantly became my favorite things ever. Granted, they only stayed “white” for about 5 minutes (I’m worse than a toddler when it comes to getting dirt and food on my clothing), but I still wear them all the time.

{shorts: Urban Outfitters}
{sneakers: Urban Outfitters}
{shirt: Banana Republic}
{sunglasses: Ray-Ban}

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  1. It’s a great outfit and like the contrast of the long sleeves with shorts.
    Like the embroider on the shorts

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