Half Marathon Training Weeks 8-11

You may be wondering what happened to the half marathon training updates. First, it was due to my crazy-busy schedule, but then I got what can best be described as Running PMS. In short, when it came to my half marathon training, I was a moody bitch (see Week 9 for more).

Week 9 was Running PMS week. I pouted and refused to run more than 4 miles a day. I even contemplated just bagging this whole half marathon thing and writing an emotional blog post about how half marathons are the devil and not healthy and that I QUIT DAMNIT.

Running PMS vanished on Monday and I once again was looking forward to my daily runs. However, I was met with a new challenge. I would think that after a week of stubbornly only doing 3- or 4-milers, I’d be well rested and hit the road with fresh legs. But every run this week was a struggle. My legs felt heavy and sluggish, and my average run pace continued to take a hit.

I was proud of myself after finishing a 12-mile run (the longest distance I’ve EVER run in my life), but I didn’t feel great during it and can’t say it made me excited for the upcoming half marathon.


The heavy leg issue continued into this week and was worsened when I decided Monday would be a great day to quit drinking coffee. An over-busy schedule + caffeine withdrawals = slow, painful runs.

This all turned around when I went up to Maine for the long weekend to stay at my parents’ new house. Being up there in the mountains, out in the fresh air and going to bed early each night was just what the running doctor ordered.

I hiked up Saddleback Mountain on Saturday morning, went for a quick canoeing trip, and when I set out for a 7-mile run, I felt better than I’ve felt in weeks. My Nike GPS app was rendered useless by the lack of cell phone service, but I could tell I kept a good pace throughout the run, despite the fact that I had to tackle some SERIOUS hills.

Thank you, Maine, for recharging my batteries and getting me back on track for my half marathon—which is this coming Sunday!

As with all my half marathon training posts, pictures are from my Instagram, and most are taken while on my daily runs. You can follow me @nicoleperr

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  1. I just spent a weekend in Maine that had the very same effect – glad you’re feeling better! (And, if you slogged through 12 training miles, you are 100% going to fly through your half. Pinky swear!)

  2. So true! If you can do 12 miles (on a bad week especially), the half is not a big thing. Good luck on Sunday!

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