Cut It Out

A white peplum top with a cutout back and amazingly impractical cutout wedges. Thanks for making titling this post so easy, Outfit!

If you’ve been following along with this blog for a while (Mom, Dad), you may recognize these absurd(ly awesome) shoes. I have these pups in pink, too.

Normally I’m not big on buying the same article of clothing in multiple different colors. Well, that’s a lie. In high school I had yellow Uggs, baby blue Uggs, tan Uggs, black Uggs and brown Uggs. But after I stopped being a complete douche bag and cleaned up my act (and closet), the appeal of having the same thing in different colors had faded.

An exception had to be made with these wedges. I’m attracted to ankle-breaking shoes like a moth to flame. And both pairs were scored on eBay for a fraction of the cost. Because ballin’ on a budget is my middle name.

Not really. It’s Anna.


{top: ASOS}
{jeans: William Rast via Shopbop, also worn here}
{wedges: Jeffrey Campbell via ebay}
{belt: Urban Outfitters, also worn here and here}
{bag: Aldo}
{bracelets: Sailormade and Alex and Ani}

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