Navy Nuptials


If this dress were a person, it’d be Regina George. It’s pretty and popular—seen here on Taylor Swift, Katie Holmes and some chick who, according to Google, is a celebrity as well—but it’s a total bitch.

How can a dress be a bitch? Well, the top runs big, rudely reminding me that I have no boobs, and the waist runs impossibly small, rubbing it in my face that I shouldn’t have eaten that pint of Ben & Jerry’s…

Luckily, some simple altering of the waist clasps solved the problem, and I was beyond excited to wear it to my friends’ wedding this weekend.

Weddings are so fun, but mornings after weddings are so…not. I woke up with four string cheese wrappers in my bed, so if you’re wondering if I’ll be the next to get married, the answer is no. Definitely a no.

{dress: Contrarian}
{heels: Michael Kors}
{bracelet: Twilight Boutique}
{clutch: Aldo}

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  1. love, love, love this dress!

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