Chambray & Polka Dots

chambray and polka dot tightsNot gonna lie, I just Googled “what’s the difference between denim and chambray?” It’s all denim to me, but turns out this button up shirt is technically made of chambray. It’s just soft denim, but “chambray” sounds so much fancier, and it’s mildly amusing to add a little pretension to this shirt I scored on the sale rack for like $9.

chambray and polka dot tightschambray and polka dot tightschambray and polka dot tightsUsually sheer tights last approximately 20 minutes or two beers (whichever comes first) before I get a run in them and have to throw them away. But these polka dots are defying all odds. I’ve worn them three times. THREE TIMES. That’s Guinness Book of World Records-worthy for me. Granted, the polka dots kind of turn into polka ovals over my thighs, but other than that, I’m obsessed with the pattern.

chambray and polka dot tights chambray and polka dot tights {shirt, skirt & tights: Urban Outfitters / booties: Jessica Simpson via eBay / cuff bracelets: H&M / studded friendship bracelet: homemade, tutorial here}

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  1. Love the chambray shirt. Where did you get the necklace?

  2. Cute outfit, love the pics!

  3. will be re-creating this outfit IMMEDIATELY. super cute, Nicole!

  4. I was in Urban Outfitters almost every other day (during breaks) last semester, and I did not come across any of these goods. I’m dying for those polka dot tights. Guess I’m off to spend even more money, haha. You have amazing taste, by the way. Very European. (Spent half my life in Europe so I’d knowww)

    • Thank you! And how great–where in Europe? I’ve been DYING to go to Italy ever since I can remember.

      • Haha! Italy’s actually one of the few places in Europe I haven’t been to! I lived in Sweden and as such had fairly cheap transit to go all around. If you ever see a really cheap deal to anywhere in Europe, take it! They have train passes for a very reasonable amount that lets you go all over Europe. (:

  5. cute!!!!!

  6. Oh THATS what chambray is!

  7. Love it!! Please check out my blog:

    I am hoping to write a style post soon, and would love to hear your insight on style choices!!

  8. Love your look. Thanks for the ping back it recently did a chambray with polk a dirt look myself on my blog

  9. Okay, I just searched high and low trying to find this blog post because I’m STILL obsessed with this outfit! Do you mind if I pin it!?

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