Boozy Book Club: The 19th Wife

Boozy Book Club: The 19th WifeWhen I decided to move to Southie from the pricier North End, the biggest draw for me was all the extra space I’d be able to afford. I LOVE entertaining, and the idea of being able to fit tons of party guests into my apartment made me giddy. My first thought after signing the lease in September was boozy book club. Hosting a monthly book club makes me feel mature, and hosting a boozy book club reminds me that I’m not. It’s perfect!

Boozy Book Club: The 19th WifeFor the first book club gathering, which was last Thursday, we read The 19th Wife: A Novel by David Ebershoff. No one finished the book in time. Everyone finished their wine. It was just as I imagined it would be.

Although no one had finished the book (I came the closest, though!), we still managed to have a lively discussion about polygamy (The 19th Wife is a novel about the history of the Mormon religion and the sects today that still practice plural marriage), and one of my friends even came prepared with an excerpt she’d highlighted.

So. Mature.

Boozy Book Club: The 19th WifeIn preparing the menu, I originally wanted to incorporate some traditional Mormon recipes, but after doing some research and finding they’re best known for Jell-O molds and casseroles (what the…?), I decided to go in a different direction. Beehives are often used to symbolize the polygamist household, and one of the prominent buildings in Utah under Brigham Young was even called the Beehive House. Bingo! I decided to incorporate honey into my Boozy Book Club menu with raspberry goat cheese crackers with a honey drizzle (recipe will be on the blog later this week!). I also served cheese with crackers and apple slices, and some pita chips with my sweet potato hummus recipe. These have nothing to do with The 19th Wife. Oh well.

Boozy Book Club: The 19th WifeI’m happy to report that I now have finished reading the book, and I would highly recommend it. The concurrent storylines, one fiction and one historic, were fascinating to me because polygamy is such a crazy concept for me to wrap my mind around. I honestly don’t think my faith in anything could outweigh the devastation I would feel if a man I loved and married took other wives. I’d either completely give in to depression or start plotting my husband’s demise. Most likely the latter because that’s the type of wonderful human being I am. This struggle between faith and emotion is played out in both the founding days of the Mormons and in present day throughout the book. And did I mention there’s a murder mystery thrown in there?

Boozy Book Club: The 19th WifeNext month’s Boozy Book Club read is Gone Girl, which I’ve heard is amazing. What are you guys reading these days? Any suggestions for my wine book club?

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  1. You’ll have no problem finishing Gone Girl. It is incredible! And crazy. I loved it.

  2. I agree, Gone Girl is awesome! I just started “Unbroken”… I heard it’s another “must read” book. Have you read it?

    I also live in Southie 🙂

    • I haven’t read it, but will have to add it to my list! I hope you find Southie as hilarious/awesome as I do 🙂

  3. 5 star blog post!

  4. Wow – that sounds like it was great shindig! I’m intrigued by the girl who highlighted an excerpt from the book – sounds like she’s very intelligent and driven.

  5. Great post – I love your blog! Great inspiration and spirit! I’ve already read Gone Girl, so I’ll be interested in what you have to say!

  6. I think you would really enjoy Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith (

  7. I really like the idea of a book club party! The food look amazing too!

  8. My book club is reading Gone Girl next month, too — haven’t even purchased it yet, but I’m not finding a lot of menu suggestions that go along w/ the book. Have you found anything???

    • I’m about halfway done with it (it’s SO GOOD!), and so far I think I’ll serve something with lobster in it because the characters eat it each year on their anniversary. Hopefully as I keep reading, I’ll get some more menu ideas.

  9. Oh my gosh—so random but I just read gone girl and I’m reading the 19th wife now–gone girl was such a great book!! I couldn’t put it down 🙂 love your blog!! Xxoo

  10. I loved Gone Girl- It was great! Also, I recently moved to Cambridge to begin a research job at Harvard Med, I was wondering if it was possible to perhaps join your book (wine) club. I would be thrilled to bring over some great drinks/ book ideas!

  11. My email is

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