15-Minute Ab Workout

boat pose ab workout

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I first came up with this ab workout back in October in the weeks before my Las Vegas trip. My Ben & Jerry’s Halloween costume I was going to wear while out there was—err—skimpy, and I wanted to really target my stomach with the proceeding weeks’ workouts.

15-Minute Ab Workout

Equipment I Used:

This workout is broken down into three sections and you’ll rest for 30 seconds in between each.

15-minute ab workout

First Sequence

Complete three rounds of the following exercises. Don’t take a break between rounds. I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 9 rounds of 30 seconds of work.

  • 30 seconds Windshield Wipers: Lay on back, legs perpendicular to the ground and arms outstretched for support. Lower your legs to the right, twisting your hips, until they are just hovering above the ground. Lift back to starting position and over to the left side. Continue back and forth in a windshield wiper motion.
  • 30 seconds Bicycle Crunches: Lay on back, hands behind head. When you crunch up towards your bent left knee, your right leg should be extended out and not touching the ground. Switch sides, crunching over towards the right with your left leg extended. Continue in a fluid, cycling motion.
  • 30 seconds Boat Pose: If you practice yoga, you’re probably familiar with boat pose. Sit in a “V” pose with legs held straight up at about a 45-degree angle with the ground and arms out straight. If it’s too difficult to keep your legs straight, bend them at the knee for Half Boat Pose. Hold for the 30 seconds.

Second Sequence

Complete three rounds of the following exercises. Don’t take a break between rounds. I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 9 rounds of 30 seconds of work.

  • 30 seconds Side Plank Lifts (right side): Start in a side plank position. Lower your hips towards the ground, and then lift upwards, crunching into an arch passed your original straight plank position. Continue lowering and raising.
  • 30 seconds Side Plank Lifts (left side)
  • 30 seconds Elbow Plank: A plank…on your elbows/forearms.

Third Sequence

Complete three rounds of the following exercises. Don’t take a break between rounds. I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 9 rounds of 30 seconds of work.

  • 30 seconds Reptile Planks: Bring your left knee (bent out to the side and parallel to the ground) up to your left elbow, crunching your obliques. Repeat on the right side.
  • 30 seconds Crunch Pulses: For these, you’ll be holding a crunch position (shoulders off the ground) and pushing your hands through your legs, making small ab contractions (crunch pulses).
  • 30 seconds Leg Hover Hold: Lay on your back with hands by your sides for support. Lift your legs off the ground a couple inches and hold. Really engage your core; try to keep the small of your back on the ground and resist arching your back.

This ab workout really does the job. I usually pair it with cardio, going out for a run after I’m finished with it.


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  1. Just found your site. Love them and how easy they are to utilize. Pics and the description make it feasible to pick up and get this done! Thanks!

  2. How often do you do ab workouts? I’ve heard some people suggest to do every other day and give your muscles time to rebuild, but others have suggested daily. I’m curious on your thoughts!

    • I’ve heard both, too. Personally, if I do a brutal ab workout that specifically targets my core and leaves me really sore the next day, I’ll take a rest day. But if I’m doing full-body workouts that incorporate abs, I’ll do them on consecutive days. Basically I just listen to my body–if I’m so sore that I can’t laugh without abdominal pain, I rest haha 🙂

  3. I love your great blog!! And all the great workouts!! 🙂 And you are gorgeous!!

  4. Great ab work out! Thanks for all the photos

  5. Nice round up! I like to save things to my phone for a quick fix in the gym. I also had NO idea that Zuzana branched out on her own. I’m glad because Freddy’s site is super creepy and the crotch shots always make me super uncomfortable.

    • Haha right?? It’s like I’m sure this workout is wonderful but the pelvic close-up is unnecessary. I love love loooove Zuzana though.

  6. Oooh I think I really need to try this one ^_^

  7. Hi…i was wondering if you could give out a diet plan or few exercises to lose bellyfat after pregnancy…its from been 4 months and i have lost weight from every area except lower abdomen….i dont know whether to lose weight or tone it…..and i lover ur ab workout

    • Hi Mariam! The solution is probably a bit of both weight loss and toning. Working out is important for both (and I’ll continue to post routines that focus on the abdomen!), but you’ll see the most results from really focusing on a clean diet (lots of veggies and protein, and go easy on the dairy and carbs). I personally don’t follow a structured diet plan, but I can definitely try to post more tips! 🙂

  8. Where did you get your shorts??

  9. Is this Nicole? Weirdest thing ever. Some random person I follow on Pinterest pinned this workout. I was like, I know that face. I was a couple years ahead of you I think. The world’s too small. Bizarro!

  10. Jilayne says:

    I was trying to print your workout and only the first picture will show up and the rest of the pages are blank. Is it something with the format? Or is something I am doing wrong? I just used the print button below the article. Thanks

    • Hmm how strange! Try clicking on the workout so that the image opens in its own page, then print that. If it still doesn’t work, let me know–I’ll send you the file.

      • Okay I tried that, but the images will only print on the first page and half of the second page. The rest of the pages come out blank. Thanks for your time and help.

        • I’m sorry you’re having so much difficulty with it. It’s a realllly long image. Maybe right click on it and save it to your computer and then try printing that?

  11. That was killer! I loved it!

  12. These are great! Found you on Pinterest your pictures make it so much easier!

    • So glad they help (and I’m not just taking pictures of myself rolling around my living room for nothing haha)!

  13. Great workout but something I need to build up to! I’ll keep trying through!

  14. This set took me 25 minutes, every joint in my arms and legs aches, all of my muscles are burning, sweat is pouring off my face like some kind of psychotic, crazy slavering horse, I’m drooling, almost passing out, my heart has hit about 400bpm, three blood vessels in my brain have burst, a kidney has quit working and my splen has just packed its bags and walked out of the house.
    My wife asked me if it was hard! I wasn’t even managing to get close to either “a fluid cycling motion”, a “V-shape” or my leg “parallel to the ground” and I replied “Hard??? It’s killing me”. That was just before my left lung collapsed.

    I worked out what needed to be done, that was easy, the pictures are really clear, thanks. When I get out of ITU, I’m sure I’ll thank you for the workout, it must have done me some good if I’m feeling this destroyed!

    😉 thanks, same again tomorrow!!

  15. Thanks for sharing. It seems like a nice routine that targets the belly fat. Good post.

  16. I love this ab workout and the pictures to demonstrate the exercises!!

  17. sharad bisen says:

    nice to see both the things; pics and theory
    DR. Sharad Bisen

  18. I think I will be doing this one today! Thanks for sharing and I LOVE workouts that include the pictures!!

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