January Online Workout Roundup

Clearly I like making up my own workouts. This blog would be strikingly different if I didn’t. And while the fitness routines I post here each week keep me healthy and fit, I still love trying out others’ workouts. It gives me new ideas for exercises to incorporate into my own torturous creations, and it keeps my personal fitness routine from getting boring. Thanks to Pinterest (damnit I just can’t quit you!), it’s easy to find online workouts you can do at the gym and from the comfort of your own home. I want to start sharing with you some of my favorite finds from around the web, so I’ll start doing these little roundups monthly.

Amazing Abs Workout from the BodyRock Archives

I don’t follow BodyRock anymore (which I think is changing its site name to The Daily HIIT?), but in college I lived and breathed by these workouts. The site was started by Zuzana and Freddy Light, but when they decided to divorce and went their separate ways, I followed Zuzana with her new ZWOW pursuit and left Freddy and his creepy, over-sexualized fitness blog behind. But I still like going back in the BodyRock archives and doing Zuzana’s old workouts, and I did this one the other day. It’s quick (only 12 minutes long), but it’s challenging. You will be BURNING during the kick-up/mountain climber peak segment. ORIGINAL WOKOUT HERE.

Bob Harper’s 20-Min Circuit Workout for Fitness Magazine

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Any Biggest Loser fans out there as obsessed with Bob Harper as I am? I love that man. So, naturally, I had to try his 20-minute circuit workout as soon as I stumbled upon it. I made a couple modifications to increase the challenge:

  • Added weights to the alternating lunges by holding a 10-lb kettle bell in each hand
  • Used a 15-lb kettle bell for the side shuffles
  • Did a full side burpee (with jump) instead of just standing

I loved the routine with my modifications and my thighs were feeling it the next day! ORIGINAL WORKOUT HERE.

The Core Challenge from Tribe Sports

Core Challenge from Tribe SportsI like doing short ab workouts before heading out on my morning run—for many reasons. First off, you burn more calories during cardio if you do some form of weight training beforehand. Second, we all have our pesky problem areas and mine just happens to be my midsection ($10 says my mom is reading this sentence, shaking her head and thinking well maybe you should stop drinking so much beer!…no one asked you, Mom!). As an added bonus, in the wintertime, it’s a great way to crank up my body temperature before venturing out into the freezing pre-dawn Boston air.

I love switching up my ab workouts, so when I found this Core Challenge from Tribe Sports on Pinterest, I was excited to give it a try. It takes about 10 minutes to complete and gave me a good burn. Definitely pair it with some cardio. ORIGINAL WORKOUT HERE.

FitSugar’s Total Fat Burning 0-60 Workout

FitSugar Total Fat Burning WorkoutThis workout from FitSugar takes about 20 minutes to complete and I found the 60-second plank unusually challenging when done at the end of the sequence. I went for a quick run after I did it for a nice well-rounded morning workout. ORIGINAL WORKOUT HERE.

ZWOW #46: Tight Space Workout from Zuzka Light

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I love Zuzana Light and her workouts. They’re short but oh-so-brutal. ZWOW #46 caught my eye because it only requires a set of hand weights (I used two 10-lb weights) and you can do it in the smallest of rooms. I didn’t beat Zuzka’s time (I never do), but I finished in a respectable 14:49 compared to her 13:45. Try it out and see how quickly you can do it—without cheating or sacrificing your form. ORIGINAL WORKOUT HERE.

I’ll post another roundup at the end of February to highlight some of my favorite online workouts from the upcoming month. Have any you think I should try? Let me know in the comments section!

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  1. I agree with you about Freddy and the over sexualiness! Drives me nuts, but I go back every now and then to see whats on there. Its changed quite a bit. Love Zuzanna! And I love your posts as well 🙂 Keep em coming

  2. Agree 100% about the oversexualized site. Same reason I was out of BR when they split. Great information and thanks for sharing!

  3. You read my mind dear. Xo Mom

  4. Just found your AMAZING blog through Eat Yourself Skinny and subscribed. I will be back here EVERY DAY because I just adore your blogging style. Can’t wait to try your workouts and recipes!

  5. Found you from Eat Yourself Skinny! And seriously… Freddie.. whoa! Glad to find you as I’m trying to really amp up my workouts!

  6. Okay I think I’m really, like REALLY, going to like these roundups. I already see things I’d like to try out… Maybe on weekends when I don’t have bootcamp plus INSANITY?

    Anyone get really good results from Insanity? I’m not seeing much…

  7. I just found your blog through Pinterest (the towel workout, specifically) – I LOVE IT! The round-ups are going to be great and I’m so excited to start doing your at-home workouts.

  8. I just started Zuzka’s Zcut DVD program & it has been so intense! Not a free online workout, but for $19 its totally worth it. Not sure how I can be so motivated to workout but too lazy too hook up my laptop to the TV every time, but it’s true. Thank you for this roundup of workouts, and your whole blog is favorite.

    • I’ve been thinking about buying that–I adore Zuzana! Now that I know it’s good I’ll really have to get it 🙂

  9. Haha, I have the midsection problem too, and never did until I started drinking beer (and only craft beer at that)! I’m a new reader as well, and will admit I just spent the last hour or so perusing your outfit posts. Love them! I’m feeling inspired to go through my closet and find something more fun to wear instead of my jeans and sweater winter usual. I just hate cold!

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