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Eons ago I posted a running playlist with the intention of sharing my favorite workout music with you guys each time I updated my iTunes playlists. We’ve all seen how well that turned out. Oops.

But I’ve got a KILLER house music workout playlist for you today, and I’ve even joined Spotify so that I can embed it right into the post. So fan-cy! I know that house/electronic dance music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I can’t get enough of it. Not only is it amazing for pumping you up during a workout, but it just pumps me up for life in general. I listen to it all day.Washing the dishes—WooHoo! Taking a shower—Hell yeah! Folding laundry—YESSSSSS! Cleaning hair out of the shower drain—This is so fun!!

Anyway, this playlist is about an hour long and should keep you amped through whatever workout you have planned. And if you live in the Boston area and love house music as much as I do, make 101.7 one of your radio presets immediately. Lately, instead of listening to a particular playlist, I’ll just stream 101.7 on my iHeartRadio app.

What are some of your favorite songs to workout to?


I’m off to Maine again for the weekend to get some more snowboarding in before winter ends, so I’ll be pretty much internet-less until Monday night. Enjoy the long weekend!

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  1. TOTALLY LOVE THIS! All i listen to when I work out (and pretty much when i drive, do housework, etc) is house music. I love podcasts by DJ Armando – Addiction. Look em up if you have an iPod/iPhone! THANK YOU!!

  2. big fan of this playlist! #getitgurl

  3. Just came across your blog! Love this playlist!

  4. Where are those amazing gold headphones from??

  5. So this is a little weird but my running playlist starts with Yo Yo Ma, just a violin, then after that a Dropkick Murphys bagpipe song… Then the dance remixes kick in. Check it out! —

  6. Check out Hardwell’s Ultra 2013 set! It’s straight hour of music and its crazayyy!

  7. Hi Nicole,
    A very nice playlist but also you can add if you like Basto – Live Tonight

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