[Giveaway] Win a Free Skincare Regimen from Rodan + Fields

As if a long weekend and short workweek weren’t enough, I’ve got an AMAZING giveaway to brighten up your Tuesday. I’ve teamed up with Rodan + Fields Consultant Bonnie Cribbs so that one of you can win a full skincare regimen valued between $160 and $193, depending on which regimen is needed.

I used ProActiv (the product line that Rodan + Fields is probably most well known for) throughout high school and college, so I know firsthand that they know what they’re doing when it comes to skincare. Everyone’s skin is different though, and what is great about these specialized skincare regimens is that they’re made to fit your skin type and meet your individual skin concerns. I also love that anti-aging is at the core of everything Rodan + Fields now does.

How to Enter

To enter to win, you’ll use the Solutions Tool to find the regimen that’s recommended for you. I went through (it only takes a minute) and was matched with the Unblemish regimen. The tool is great because it lays out a morning and night skincare routine for you, offers tips, and suggests other products you may like. Once you’ve clicked to the end of the Solutions Tool (using the NEXT button), have your results emailed to you. All the information you need about your suggested routine will be conveniently sent to your inbox.

After you’ve emailed the results to yourself, leave a comment telling me what your suggested skincare regimen is. Finally, follow @BoatingBonnieC on Twitter to stay in the loop on all things Rodan + Fields skincare.

We’ll use the entry form below so that you can rest assured I can’t cheat and claim myself the winner so I can keep this amazing prize…

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  1. Adrea Tidwell says:

    I need Redefine! I have not been great to my fair skin over the years and there are wrinkles that need help!

  2. hello! my regimen suggested was Unblemish!

  3. I was matched with the Reverse skincare routine!

  4. Unblemish!

  5. My skin has been going CRAZY! They matched me with Unblemish

  6. Hey! I got set up with the Unblemish routine 🙂

  7. My suggested product is the Reverse regimen.

  8. Sydney Fitzsimmons says:

    My recommendation is the Redefine regimen!

  9. Unblemish!

  10. I need the Unblemish routine!

  11. Unblemish for me, too. I would love to try this regimen out!

  12. I need Unblemish, please.

  13. UNBLEMISH Regimen for me! I have a couple of friends that have tried this and LOVE it!

  14. The solution tool recommended I use Unblemish! Love Rodan and Fields products

  15. They suggested the Reverse line for me!

  16. The solution tool told me that I needed UNBLEMISH Regimen with Spot Fading Toner.

  17. looks like the “REVERSE” regimen for me!

  18. My regimen was ‘redefine’ 🙂

  19. I also was matched with UNBLEMISH!

  20. Victoria H says:

    I was Unblemish too.

  21. I ended up with Redefine. This is such perfect timing, I’ve been thinking about switching up my skin care routine! The temp swings in Boston are taking their toll and its time I stepped it up. Thanks Nicole!

  22. I am Unblemish. With the sooth afterwards. 🙂

  23. I was paired with Unblemish! Thank you!!

  24. Unblemish for me!

  25. I was matched with REDEFINE Regimen.

  26. My suggested skincare regimen is the Unblemish with the Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment.

  27. my suggested skincare regimen is redefined.

  28. Unblemish routine for me!

  29. Came back as unblemish 🙂

  30. core regimen for me!

  31. I got unblemish too

  32. That skin needs to be tamed then! And Unblemish is the perfect line to do that. Good luck with the giveaway!

  33. You will love Redefine! It’s an amazing line and is certainly at the center of everything Rodan & Fields does. Good luck! Thanks for being a part of this giveaway!

  34. Redefine Regimen!

  35. I was matched with the Unblemish regimen! Sounds perfect for my skin type!

  36. My results were the Reverse line! I have been treated my skin better recently, but I do have acne marks that I’d like to fade (not sure if they consider dark spots and acne marks the same?)

  37. I was matched with the REVERSE line! Sounds great!

  38. My results matched me with the Unblemish line which sounds perfect for me and my issues.

  39. I was matched with the Unblemish line as well!

  40. I was told to use the UNBLEMISH regimen and add in the SOOTHE sensitive skin treatment.

  41. Unblemish — been battling acne since I was 12, ugh! Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. Clair Larsen says:

    Unblemish…just as I expected!

  43. I was matched with the Unblemished!

  44. Maricarmen says:

    Unblemish for me! Hope the giveaway isn’t over :/

  45. Cool, I’d never heard of this brand before! It said I should try the Redefine line.

  46. Maria J. Cardoza says:

    I was recommended the Unblemish Line and Soothe Treatment.

  47. I got the unblemish too! With the soothe treatment if necessary it said.

  48. I need reverse!!

  49. I need redefine!

  50. They gave me UNBLEMISH Regimen for Acne and Post-Acne Marks. That sounds just about right!

  51. Unblemish here too!

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