Body Weight Pyramid Workout

body weight pyramid workoutThis is another “no excuses” workout that you can do anywhere. No equipment is needed, and you don’t even need a ton of space. As photographic proof of that, I’m doing it on the narrow side of my parents’ wrap-around deck in Maine—but I wouldn’t recommend actually doing the workout outside during a snowstorm. Since most of my workout tutorials are shot in the kitchen or living room of my barely decorated apartment in Southie, how could I possibly refuse some pretty scenery for once?

Body Weight Pyramid Workout

The first time you go through the following sequence, you’ll perform 10 reps of each exercise. Go through again performing 9 reps of each, then 8 reps of each; and so on until you only are doing 1 rep of each. This workout took me just under 20 minutes to complete.

Body Weight Pyramid Workout

  • Burpees with Push Up: This is a basic burpee, only when you’re down in the plank position, do a push up. The whole sequence will look like this: squat down placing hands on the ground; jump back into plank position; do a push up; jump legs back up towards hand; stand back into squat position; jump up with arms overhead.
  • Side V Crunches (right side): Start laying on your side with bottom arm stretched outwards on the ground for support. Do a side crunch, lifting your legs up and crunching them in to meet your elbow and raised torso.
  • Side V Crunches (left side)
  • Backward Lunge into Front Kick (right leg): Start in standing position. Step backward with right foot into a lunge position. Step back up, keeping left foot firmly planted on ground and kick right leg up to meet left hand. Bring leg back down into back lunge position.
  • Backward Lunge into Front Kick (left leg)


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  1. I like it a lot! 🙂

  2. Love the goggles!

  3. love your easy and convenient workouts!!

  4. Yea I totally love your outfit for this workout! And the setting- gorgeous! Those burpee pushups are so hard! So rewarding, though!

  5. I must say you have a pretty awesome blog here. i always had a passion for this,but never had any spare time to do what you do I get bored easy so this helps me keep my mind occupied Thanks for enlightening me. Keep up the good work. I will keep watching you 🙂

  6. Did this one last night…what a great workout! I love your blog 🙂 I check it weekly for new workout ideas. Thanks for inspiring me to keep fit with new and rewarding workouts!!

  7. Just did this workout on my lunch at work and it was perfect! Finished in 20 minutes and went for a 10 minute run to finish it off. Thank you!!

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