$10 off Bulu Box for Pumps & Iron Readers

February-Bulu-BoxBirchbox for makeup and beauty supplies, Love With Food for healthy snacks, and now Bulu Box for vitamins, supplements and general health products. Subscription sample boxes are taking over these days, and with good reason—they’re awesome. You get to sample a bunch of products, discover new brands, and it’s affordable. Plus, there’s the simple fact that I just LOVE getting mail. There’s nothing better than coming home from work to find a package waiting at my door. (Actually, my favorite post-work day feeling is immediately taking off my pants after walking into my apartment, but getting mail is a close second.)

With Bulu Box, you’ll get a box filled with four or five samples each month, including products related to weight loss, sports nutrition, protein, diet, energy, vitamins, detox, digestion, sexual health, herbs, natural remedies, endurance and more. Pretty cool, right? And as someone who is very particular about what I put into my body (I type this while daydreaming about eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s but, hey, we’ve already established that I’m a hypocrite), I love that each box comes with an informational insert about the products. You can also go to bulubox.com to get specifics. And if one of the samples isn’t relevant to your particular health and fitness needs and interests, you can always pass it off to a friend who’d benefit from it. That’s the great thing about a sample box—there’s bound to be something in there for everyone. And if you fall in love with one of the samples, you just go to bulubox.com to order the full-sized product.

All that being said, I’m super excited to be able to offer all you wonderful readers $10 off a Bulu Box subscription (which means your first box is free!). Click below to check it out and use the discount code BULUGAN203 to save.


Do you subscribe to any sample boxes? Which are your favorites?


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  1. Ipsy is my absolute favorite.. I think I use just about everything they’ve sent me!

  2. This is awesome! I would have never found this if I didn’t read your blog. Thanks for the info!

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