Boston Winter Ball


Last Saturday I went to Boston Winter Ball at The Castle at Park Plaza, an annual event that raises money for Boston Children’s Hospital. This year, $150,000 went towards benefiting the New Balance Center for Childhood Obesity at Children’s (as well as the hospital’s general fund), and I couldn’t have been happier to contribute to the cause by purchasing a ticket, getting dressed up, dancing, and overindulging in the open bar. Charity is fun.

Boston Winter Ball 2013gold-jewelry-black-leather-dress

Up until a few hours before the event, I had nothing to wear. And by “nothing to wear,” I mean, “a closet full of perfectly good options that I refused to consider because I’d already worn them once and been tagged in pictures wearing them on Facebook.” Sometimes I hate that this is the way my brain works, but I just blame it on that second X chromosome.

black, blue & green BCBG pumps with gold heels

I hit up Newbury Street and Copley Place to find a dress for the event, but since I have a deep-rooted inability to purchase anything practical ever, I bought these BCBG pumps instead. They’re incredible, but they’re…not a dress. With no budget left, I was feeling pretty screwed.

*Cue the choir of angels singing as I walk into H&M in one last-ditch, desperate effort to find a dress*

Boston Winter Ball 2013

Sure, the leather peplum dress was a little more nightclub than charity ball, but I’ve never been one to play it safe with cocktail dresses, and given the insanely cheap price, I couldn’t say no. I finished off the outfit by OD-ing on gold jewelry. Normally I’d never pair a large, statement necklace with chandelier earrings, but I was feeling like taking a risk (aka drank a couple glasses of wine while getting dressed).


Winter Ball was a blast, and hey, if Helen Hunt can wear H&M to the Oscars, I can definitely wear it to a charity event.

dress: H&M // pumps: BCBG // necklace: Meghan Fabulous via ideeli // earrings: bebe // cuff bracelet: bebe

Pics from the event from

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  1. you crack me up!!! i need those shoes.

  2. Where did you get those shoes?! You looked great!!

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