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Next time your significant other calls you “crazy,” just tell him/her to go read Gone Girl and then rethink that statement. Oh, you think going through your text messages while you were in the shower makes me crazy, do you?? Read Gone Girl and you’ll find my mild snooping downright endearing, you ass hole! I want to give examples, but I won’t ruin the book for anyone. It’s nuts though. Read it. Now.

In fact, it was such a page-turner that everyone at Boozy Book Club had finished it (compared to our first meeting, when absolutely no one finished). Don’t worry though—BBC is still an absurd excuse for a book club. Lots of wine. A serious SnapChat session. And at one point, “Ughh, I’m so bad at reading” was even said out loud. (For the record, not by me.)

Of course, the best part of any book club is the food. It was borderline torture for me because I had just started my dairy-free 30-day challenge, but I consoled myself by going HAM on the sweet potato hummus and guacamole that my friend made. My other friend, who brought caprese sliders, made a few with avocado instead of mozzarella, so I was able to enjoy those, too.

I wanted to make a dish that was relevant to the book, and since Nick and Amy eat lobster each year on their anniversary, I went with a lobster crostini with hollandaise sauce and a tomato-champagne reduction. I couldn’t even taste-test the damn thing because of the butter in the sauces, but I’ll be definitely making them again and sharing the recipe when I can actually eat dairy.

Have you guys read Gone Girl? What’d you think??

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  1. Your book club sounds like so much fun! What a great way to nurture your friendships! How did you get the book club started?

    • When I moved into a larger apartment this past September, I was looking for an excuse to start entertaining my friends so boozy book club it was! 🙂

  2. Seriously, I thought I was in love with “Dark Places” and then I read “Gone Girl,” which took me about, oh, 9.5 hours. I would be thrilled if Jillian pumped books out by the week.

  3. I need to make book club too someday.
    I open my blog week ago and ii will put some healthy tips an recipes for the parties like this.
    Last week I made some kind of healthy dinner for my friend. Try it, maybe u gonna like it too and tell me how it was 🙂

  4. That book.. man what can I say about it? It definitely went a whole ‘nother direction than I could have ever anticipated.

  5. LOVED that book. I thought it was insanely addictive and really wel written. Plus extra points for author for being able to writer from a man’s perspective!

    • Agreed! And I loved how you could find yourself relating to both nick and amy at times (despite the batshit craziness). That “cool girl” diary entry was actually SO true haha

  6. I have a monthly book club with my friends that I can’t wait for every month…luckily it’s tonight! I work out and eat clean 6 days a week and then I get a free day and it’s always Friday (which, not-so-coincidentally, just so happens to be the night book club falls on!). There is always such great food and I always eat too much! I love it! I thought Gone Girl was a great read until the end. I was SO very disappointed that I feel it ruined the whole book! How did you feel about the ending?

  7. By Gillian Flynn?

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