Tribal-Print Leggings & Moccasins

tribal-print leggings and moccasins

I got these moccasins for Christmas many years ago from my grandmother and I remember her asking if I wanted the hard sole version (so that I could actually walk around the streets and in public with them) or the soft sole version. And, adding to my track record of absolutely terrible decisions when I was 17, I went for the soft sole so they’d be “authentic.” And now I pretty much can’t wear them anywhere if there’s a possibility of the ground being wet or dirty. Womp womp wommmp.

tribal-print-leggings-and-moccasins-outfit-4tribal-print leggings and moccasinstribal-print leggings and moccasins

leggings: Tobi // boots: Minnetonka // shawl: Kerisma // tank: Nasty Gal

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  1. So busy! How do you pull it off!

    • Prioritizing a full-night’s sleep is key! And when you’re busy doing things you love, it’s easier to keep plugging away 🙂 However, I have a terrible cold right now, which I think is my body’s way of telling me I’m actually not pulling off being busy very well haha

  2. I looove those leggings!

  3. Great leggings!

  4. Just bought my leggings like those now on to the knee high moccasin boots. I have two pair of the mid-calf ones, but I always wanted to knee high ones but never knew what I could wear with it!!! Might be my airport out outfit if cool enough at the end of the month!!! Thanks for the idea!!!

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