March Online Workout Roundup

March’s online workout roundup is being posted today instead of yesterday because…April Fools? I don’t know. I spent more than half of March being too stubborn to take antibiotics for my sinus infection, so the result was a much lower level of physical activity and only two workouts from around the web to share with you guys this month. But they’re goooooood.

Jillian Michaels’ Core Workout for Women’s Health Magazine

Jillian Michaels' ab workout for Women's Health Magazine

I started going through this workout and was like ok, this is good, I can do three rounds of this no problem, this isn’t too bad…then I came to the third exercise. The uneven hold (I usually call these superman planks) is a challenging move on its own, but adding in the arm/leg fly—wow. I’m glad I did this workout in the privacy of my own home because I looked like an absolute fool wobbling all over the place trying to pull it off. Eventually I got the hang of it, but it was challenging to say the least. Anything that requires that much balance and stability is great for working your core.

The only modification I made was using 10-lb weights instead of 8 lbs. ORIGINAL POST HERE.

Brazilian Butt Workout from The Haute Bunny

When my friend suggested this workout, I couldn’t wait to try it out—she’s in way better shape than I am, so when she says a workout is good, I know it’s going to kick my ass. And this one did. Literally. My attempts at getting in and out of a chair the next day were absolutely pathetic.

It’s a long one for a targeted-muscle-group workout—took me almost 40 minutes to get through all three rounds—but it’s worth it. Definitely give this one a try if you’re looking to tone up that ‘donk. ORIGINAL POST HERE.

Speaking of nothing that has to do with what I’m about to say next, I went down to the Vineyard to visit my parents on Saturday and got in a great beach walk and a run through the woods that inspired me to do another half marathon. Being impulsive as usual, I immediately signed up for one the first weekend in June. I’ll post my training schedule later this week.

Lucy Vincent Beach, Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard



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