Caviar Manicure Tutorial

microbead manicure tutorial

It’s been for-e-ver (Sandlot voice) since I’ve posted a DIY nail art tutorial. But I’m constantly hoarding ideas on my nail art board, and finally got around to trying out a caviar manicure. If you haven’t heard of this Pinterest sensation, it’s basically just coating your nails in microbeads (which you can find at a craft store like Michael’s or online). It makes putting your hair in a ponytail, buttoning your pants and wearing gloves super awkward, but it looks really cool and, hey, that’s all that really matters.

microbead manicure tutorial

All you’ll need is nail polish, clear top coat polish and microbeads (I used Assily beads)

Step-by-Step Caviar Manicure

Start by giving all your nails a coat of polish. You’ll want to pick a color as close to that of the microbeads as possible.

caviar microbead manicure tutorial

From here on out, you’ll go nail by nail. Add a second coat of polish to one nail and then immediately coat it with microbeads. I dumped the beads over top, using the container’s lid to catch the excess. You can also just dip the nail into the container of beads. Then move on to the next nail and repeat the two steps.

microbead manicure tutorial

When all nails are coated, you’ll add a top clear coat over them. This will secure them in place so that they don’t immediately fall off. When I added the top coat, I was disappointed to discover that it stripped the beads of their purple color, leaving my nails a purple-silver ombre blend. At first I was pissed off, but it actually grew on me. I liked the metallic sheen of the beads. Still, I need to experiment with a new brand of microbeads next time. Any suggestions?

microbead manicure tutorial

microbead manicure tutorial

This microbread caviar manicure has an admittedly short life expectancy, but it’s fun to do before an event or special occasion. I’ve had mine on for two days now and some beads are starting to fall off, but not to a noticeable extent. I estimate I’ll get another two or three days out of it.


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  1. I chew on my cuticles so much I have visions of accidentally eating the beads, hah.

  2. I love this mani ! just posted a version of this on my blog
    thanks it was really helpful !:)

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