Slummin’ It In Southie with 30% off a Custom T-Shirt from Dress United

30 percent off a custom t-shirt from Dress United

When the great people over at Dress United offered me a custom t-shirt, I was overwhelmed by the possibilities. Do I make a Pumps & Iron shirt to wear on the blog? Choose a clever quote about working out? Write Nicole Is Awesome across the chest? All viable options, but ultimately I decided to pay homage to my beloved South Boston.

Slummin' It In Southie custom t-shirt

Southie is by no means a slum, but I happen to live next to the projects and my back deck is so rundown and dangerous that it looks like a scene from Final Destination, so I get a good laugh out of poking fun at my ‘hood.

Southie talk aside, I’m excited to share a 30% off + Free Shipping offer with you guys so that you can create your own custom t-shirt from Dress United!

Go HERE to redeem the offer and enter code BLOG30OFF4U

Slummin' It In Southie custom t-shirtSlummin' It In Southie custom t-shirt

Let me know what you put on your shirt in the comments section!

t-shirt: Dress United // jeans: Urban Outfitters // sneakers: Forever21 // sunglasses: Ray-Ban


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  1. This is so cool! I love the fit of your t-shirt. For reference, what style/size did you choose?

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