A Monstah Equinox Workout at Fenway Park

Equinox workout at Fenway Park

On Saturday morning, I had the chance to do a bootcamp-style workout at Fenway Park put on by Equinox. Not only is it just always a cool experience being in Fenway, but the workout was challenging and they had delicious smoothies and fresh fruit skewers for us afterwards (I’ll take seven, please). It was the perfect healthy way to start off the day, even though I kinda undermined that by eating a burrito immediately afterwards (oops).

Equinox workout at Fenway Park

The workout was made up of several 4-minute-long stations. There was a mix of bleacher sprints, calisthenic drills, sandbells, tabata, ropes and even yoga. I’d never used or heard of sandbells before, but I think they may need to be my next fitness equipment purchase. I like the versatility of them—you can slam them around or grip them and use them like any other weight. And it was my first time using ropes … holy hell. I will never laugh at the contestants on Biggest Loser again for crying when Bob and Jillian make them grab the ropes.

Smoothie post Equinox workout at Fenway Park

I love trying to new workouts and switching up my fitness routine, so this was super fun and something different to do. Big thanks to the trainers at Equinox Dartmouth St. for putting on a great workout!

Did you guys get in any fun workouts this weekend?

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  1. A workout at Fenway?? So cool! I would literally do any workout at Citizen’s Bank Park (Phillies stadium)

    • It was awesome! Even if the workout had been terrible, I still would have enjoyed just being in Fenway haha

  2. So legit! Sounds like a great workout and a lot of fun! Seriously love your blog!!

    Tasteful Texan

  3. It was so fun! Glad I found your blog

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