3 Boston-Area Fitness Classes You Must Try

3 Boston-Area Fitness Classes to Try

As much as I love my at-home workouts, I’m equally obsessed with trying out new group fitness classes and boutique workout studios around Boston. It’s important to try new ways to workout so that you’re constantly surprising and challenging your muscles. I wanted to share some of my favorite classes I’ve done around Bean Town recently, and I’m sure each style of workout can be found in a studio or gym near you, as well!

Lagree Fitness at The Studio Empower

Newton (TheStudioEmpower.com)

The Studio Empower

Oh man. I consider myself to be in good shape, but this workout Kicked. My. Ass. My legs were shaking like a leaf—it was awesome. The Studio Empower practices Lagree Fitness, which is often compared to Pilates, but is more cardio-intensive. The workout uses Megaformer, M3 machines, which are like jacked-up Pilates reformers; and while they may look intimidating at first, they’re incredibly versatile, providing a really fun, unique workout.

My favorite part of this total-body burn is that it fatigues each muscle group before moving on to the next, which is a departure from the workouts I usually do. You probably notice in my blog posts that while my workouts hit all the major muscle groups, they do so in a circuit—work your legs for an interval and then move on to other muscles before returning to legs. With the Lagree method, you work your legs until they are shaking, burning, on the verge of buckling…and only then do you move onto abs or arms.

The Studio Empower

The studio space at The Studio Empower is also really nice—bright, open, lots of windows and mirrors. I did the 7AM Tuesday class with Robin, and not only is she a total sweetheart, but getting this workout in early made the rest of my day so much more energized. I highly recommend the class.

You can get more information by visiting their website. They have great into deals for new clients: only $10 for your first class, a 3 for $45 deal so you can try different instructors, or an unlimited first month for $179. 

BARREcode at C2 Fitness

Southie (C2Pilates.com/barre)

C2 BARREcode

image source

I had been wanting to try a barre class for months because everyone I talked to seemed to have the same sentiment about it: brutal, awful, torture…but in a good, slightly addictive way. Any type of workout you have a love/hate relationship with is usually good in my book. BARREcode uses a mix of dance fundamentals, resistance bands, balls and weights for an hour-long full-body workout.

I think because it’d been so hyped up to me, I didn’t find this BARREcode class to be too difficult—don’t get me wrong, it was challenging, but I went in with the expectation that I would literally die. It was a really fun class and I’d especially recommend it for any former dancers. I tap danced all my life through sophomore year of college, and even though tap is nothing like ballet, it was awesome being back at a bar in a space that felt like a dance studio.

You can get more info by visiting their website, and definitely take advantage of their special pricing for newbies (only $11 for your first class).

Tone & Ryde at btone fitness

Back Bay (btonefitness.com)

btone fitness tone n ryde class

This class mixes the Lagree method Megaformer with RealRyder spin bikes. For the first half of the class, you’re on the Megaformer machines (class style is similar to what I described above), and for the second half, you’re doing a spin class.

The RealRyder bikes, unlike a traditional stationary spin bike, can sway with the motion of your body and have handlebars that can be turned—not easily, though. These bikes are no joke and are great for core and upper body.

When you leave a Lagree fitness class, your muscles typically feel like jell-o. When you leave a high-cardio spin class, you are typically drenched in sweat. This Tone & Ryde is a nice middle ground between the two. Neither half is too overwhelming because of the shortened time, but the result is an awesome, well-rounded workout. 

And the best part is that your first class is only $5! Visit their website for more details.

There’s a long list of other classes and studios around Boston I’ve been dying to try. What are some of your favorites?


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  1. i’m new to your blog and i love it! this is great, i’m in the boston suburbs but i would totally trek to the city to try these!

    • So glad you’re liking my blog! 🙂 The Studio Empower is in Newton–might be closer to your ‘burb?

  2. Those all sound awesome! I wish I lived in Boston so I could try them out!

  3. Michelle says:

    Try a Barre class at Exhale….much different experience!!! I tried C2 as well and found it too easy.

  4. I’ve never heard of Lagree Fitness and am now obessed with the idea! I just started doing pilates a couple times a week and love how it challenges me in ways that my typical workouts don’t. Coupling that with more intensity sounds so awesome.

    • You would be OBSESSED with this workout, Carla! It’s awesome. I haven’t been that challenged since we attempted Insanity on the equator after a night of heavy drinking haha

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