10 Workouts You Can Do on Vacation


Since most Americans are about to take off for the week to celebrate the 4th of July by not sitting in an office (as you should), I thought I’d round up some of the workouts I’ve previously posted that travel well.  I know “workout on vacation” may sound blasphemous to some of you, but taking a quick 20-30 minutes out of your morning to break a sweat will leave you feeling energized the rest of the day (and less guilty when you knock back countless beers and a loaded hamburger fresh off the grill).

No one expects you to maintain your normal workout regime on vacation (especially not on July 5th, a day I traditionally spend in the fetal position), but try to fit in a little somethin’ somethin’ every other day, even if it’s just playing beach volleyball with your friends or chasing your kids around the backyard.

The following workouts require no equipment and can be done in pretty much any hotel room, beach house rental, backyard, etc. You’ll need an interval timer for some of them, but as long as your iPhone/Android/etc. made the trip with you, you’ll be all set. Click on the workouts for full descriptions and picture tutorials; I’ve included brief snapshots below.

30-minute workouts you can do while on vacation

30-Minute Body-Weight Tabata Workout

  • Structure: For each exercise, set a timer for 10 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Complete one exercise before doing the same with the next.
  • Exercises: Pike Jump into Squat Jump, Side Plank Lift with Knee Tuck, Knee Tuck – Roll – Back Row, Side Lunge Knee-Up Jumps, Up-Down Planks, Skiers – High Knees

30-Minute Cardio Interval Workout

  • Structure: You’ll set an interval timer for 30 rounds of 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest and go through the exercises 6 times.
  • Exercises: High Knees, Plank Jacks, Burpees, Side Lunge Hop Shuffles, Bicycle Crunches

20-minute workouts you can do while on vacation

Beach Bum Workout

  • Structure: Set a timer for 36 rounds of 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest and go through the exercises 3 times. It’ll take 24 minutes.
  • Exercises: Frog Hops, Donkey Kicks, Fire Hydrants, All-Fours Leg Lifts, Split Squat Jumps, Side Plank Scissors, Side Lunge Jumps

Hotel Room Workout

  • Structure: Set an interval timer for 30 rounds of 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest and go through the exercises 5 times. It’ll take 20 minutes.
  • Exercises: One-Leg Burpees, Cross-Body Toe Touch, Elbow Plank Hops, Squat Jumps with Alternating Side Leg Lifts, Seated Ab Scissors

Body Weight Pyramid Workout

  • Structure: The first time you go through the exercises, you’ll do 10 reps of each. Next round, 9 reps of each; and so on, counting down to a 1-rep round. It’ll take you roughly 20 minutes, dependant on your fitness level.
  • Exercises: Burpees with Push Ups, Side V Crunches, Backwards Lunge into Front Kicks

20-Minute Burpee Workout

  • Structure: Set a timer for 20 rounds of 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest and go through the exercises 4 times.
  • Exercises: Burpees with Push Ups, Side Burpees with Knee Crunch, Burpees with Knee Tuck Jumps, Alternating One-Leg Burpees with Two-Foot Side Jumps

15-minute workouts you can do while on vacation

15-Minute Ab Workout

  • Structure: This is divided into three section. Each section is made up of 3 exercises, which you’ll do for 30 seconds each for 3 rounds.
  • Exercises: Windshield Wiper, Bicycle Crunch, Boat Pose, Side Plank Lifts, Elbow Plank, Reptile Planks, Crunch Pulses, Leg Hover Hold

15-Minute Body Weight Challenge

  • Structure: Set a timer for 15 minutes and complete as many rounds of exercises as possible.
  • Exercises: Starburst Burpees (5), Backward Lunges into Front Kick (5 each side), Half Windshield with Butt Lift (5 each side)

Ab workouts you can do while on vacation

Plank Workout

  • Structure: Do each exercise for 20 seconds. Complete 3 rounds of this, taking a 30-second break in between rounds.
  • Exercises: Plank Jacks, Reptile Planks, Plank, Elbow Plank, Up-Down Plank, Cross-Body Knee Tuck Planks

8-Minute Abs (2.0)

  • Structure: Do each exercise for 45 seconds and then hold the final plank for 30 seconds.
  • Exercises: Leg Lifts, Side V Crunches, Toe Touch Crunches, Cheek-to-Cheek Plank, Side Plank Lifts, Seated Leg Scissors, Butt Lifts, Windshield Wipers, Elbow Plank

Enjoy your vacation!


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  1. Such a great collection of exercises. I always try to get creative on vacation and do something out of the norm when I travel. Holding on to these workouts for my next trip!

  2. Thanks for the awesome workouts! We are going somewhere next weekend and I am definitely going to bring some of these along!

  3. I’m going to be leaving in 2 weeks and will definitely be using these – thanks for the awesome ideas! 🙂

  4. I am very excited to try some of these quick workouts, thanks!

  5. These are excellent! I know there’s a few moves I’m going to begin using on a regular basis. Thank you!

  6. Great workouts! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hi, just found your blog – love it! These are great, keeping up fitness momentum on vacation is important. I have a blog called The Gym Bunny, and also a style blog called Style Oyster – hope you’ll check out and follow back!

  8. Fabulous workouts! Will definitely keep these handy when I go on vacation.

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