Summer Fitness Gear I’m Craving



  1. Lululemon Gym Bag: I love bright, neon colors in the summertime, and this pink gym duffle bag definitely fits the bill. Plus, the yoga mat pocket could also double as a beach towel pocket!
  2. Adidas by Stella McCartney Tank: I love the cut of this workout tank—so unique!
  3. SandBell Sandbags: I was first introduced to this piece of equipment when I did that Equinox bootcamp workout in Fenway Park, and I was immediately obsessed with them. You can slam them, grip them, lift them, swing them—a perfect, versatile addition to my at-home workouts.
  4. Cory Vines Socks: In the wintertime, I’m known to keep the same pair of socks in my gym bag and re-wear them throughout the week (I’m gross, I know), but in the sweaty summer, forget about it. I need fresh socks, er’ry day. These look super comfy.
  5. Lululemon Reverse Groove Spandex Short: I’ve been taking a lot of spin classes this summer, and loose shorts just don’t cut it—spandex is the way to go.
  6. Nike Free TR III Training Sneakers: The neon green sneaks you see me wearing in all my workout posts are amazing for running, but aren’t meant for cross-training workouts because they lack lateral movement support. Time to add these to my shoe collection.
  7. Belkin Armband: My old iPhone armband broke back in the fall, and with all the outdoor running I do in the summer, I need to finally replace it. This one from Belkin is water resistant, which is great for drizzly days.

What fitness gear or workout wear are you coveting this season?

I’m heading out the rest of the week for the 4th, but will “see” you back on the blog Monday. Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!



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  1. ooh i would love that arm band too! 🙂 nice picks!

  2. I have the Belkin armband – love it but my only complaint is that it takes forever to dry out after you sweat or wash it (who does that?). Also, love the Nike free runs. Let me know how the cross trainers work out! 🙂

  3. You just reminded me that I need an arm band – Def ordering that one! 😀

    I’m coveting some new, super light tank tops for my hot summer runs!

  4. I’m craving the Nike Lunar FlyKnits and sand to put in my new sandbag!!

    Have a great 4th 🙂

  5. Love love love those shoes

  6. random comment, but i just stumbled across your blog and i LOVE it. i just started blogging myself and am getting into this whole scene… i’m so glad i found yours! 🙂 i will definitely be keeping up with another Nicole!

  7. I love the Stella Adidas top! I think the Nike FuelBand is at the top of my fitness wishlist….

  8. Well NOW I’m craving those lululemon shorts– thanks Nicole 🙂
    I’m also craving the “women’s adidas neo logo windbreaker” in orange. It’s super cute and lightweight, perfect for adding the thinnest layer to a spring or summer run. Or so I imagine, since I don’t actually own it at this point.

  9. Now that I’ve read this post, I want the lululemon bag. Obviously. But I also want to get a number of sports bras from Moving Comfort (

  10. You can try getting the Belkin from Marshall’s store. I bought 2 of them from there for 1/2 the price. Always check your local Marhshall’s or all Marshalls.

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