Paisley Pants & Spicing Up Your Next Girls’ Night Out

Blue Paisley Pants Outfit

The other week I had the pleasure of shooting with Dragonfly Photography in Newburyport. Not only was it a huge upgrade from my typical blog photo shoots—“hey [insert name of family member or friend here], can you take some pictures of me real quick?”—but it was my first time visiting Newburyport, which is an adorable and picturesque little town on the coast.

Blue Paisley Pants Outfit Blue Paisley Pants Outfit

I’m well versed in the typical New England summertime preppy dress code (not that I follow it very often), so couldn’t help but bust out these printed paisley-ish pants. The best part about them is I found them buried under a pile of clothes at Forever21 (am I too old to be shopping there? Probably…)—pants like this won’t get a lot of wear, so that $20 price tag was perfect. In fact, this entire outfit was ridiculously inexpensive. Right in line with my current budget… 🙂

Blue Paisley Pants Outfit Blue Paisley Pants Outfit Blue Paisley Pants Outfit Blue Paisley Pants OutfitWEARING:

Pants: Forever 21 // Top: Arden B // Shoes: Aldo // Clutch: Madewell

Boston Boudoir Photo Shoot

Enough about my $2 outfit. How much fun does this sound for a girls’ night out in Boston: you and yo’ gurls getting your hair and makeup done and doing a boudoir photo shoot. You don’t even need to have a significant other to give the photos to—let’s be real here, who doesn’t want a few pics of themselves looking like a bombshell?? We live in the era of the selfie—embrace it, people.

On Thursday August 22nd, Dragonfly Photography is hosting their first Summer Boudoir Photo Shoot. Here are the details:

boudoir-photoshootThere Are Three Great Packages To Choose From:

  • Sweet: Includes hair & make-up, with one look, $179
  • Sassy: Includes hair & make-up, with two looks, $249
  • Sexy: Includes hair & make-up, with three looks, $319

Shooting location: A chic loft in the South End’s Trendy Sowa Neighborhood

Contact them at or call at 978-857-2088 to book your shoot. Space is limited!

Having shot with Rachael and Taylor, I can assure you the pics will be tasteful and beautiful. And even if sexy isn’t “your thing,” these types of activities are so much fun. I took a pole dance “fitness” class one time (spoiler alert: gangly limbs do not look sexy flopping around a pole) and it was hysterical. I would be the first stripper in history to make $0 in tips.

Photos by Dragonfly Photography


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  1. Natalie says:

    Hey Nicole, you look great! Love the trousers and I still shop at Forever 21 although I am no longer 21….:) Do you guys get Monki in the States? It’s my favourite shop.

    I check your blog everyday since I found it a few weeks ago…you always make some wacky comment that brightens my day a little!

    • I haven’t heard of Monki, but I’m going to have to look into it! And glad to hear my wacky comments are appreciated 🙂

  2. Love those pants! I have similar thoughts each time I go to Forever 21; I always vow that it will be the last time, but then they go and make something else that’s ridiculously cute and my will crumbles! Ha!


  3. Hi Nicole! These pants are adorable! And you are certainly not too old to be shopping at Forever 21. I may or may not (translation: almost always) get my costume jewelry there and I am a little (translation: a lot) older than you. Cute is cute, no matter where you get it. Keep up the good work, lady. Miss you.

    • Haha agreed–and worse case scenario (i.e. my Abercrombie & Fitch denim jacket purchased circa middle school that I still wear to this day) you can always cut out the tag and let it be your little secret 🙂 Miss you too, Janice!

  4. Love it – So great working together!

  5. Those pants are fabulous! They look so much more expensive than their price tag.

  6. Love the printed pants!

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