30-Minute Jump Rope Workout

30-minute Jump Rope Workout from Pumps & Iron

I’m cursed when it comes to buying jump ropes. They either break within a week or are designed so poorly that I can barely get the rope to swing around. So before we get to today’s workout, does anyone have any jump rope suggestions? Quality brands? Brands to avoid? I’m one lemon away from stealing a jump rope from the next gym I walk into…

30-Minute Jump Rope Workout

Equipment I Used:

You’ll do each of the exercises for 1 minute before moving onto the next. Don’t take a break between exercises. Once you’ve completed all 5, take a 1-minute break. You’ll go through that circuit 5 times. So that I didn’t have to look at the clock, I just set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 30 rounds of 60 seconds of work (and 0 seconds of rest).

30-minute Jump Rope Workout from Pumps & Iron

  • Weighted Plie Squats & Pulses: Stand with feet more than shoulder-width apart with toes pointed outwards (like a ballerina doing a plie). Hold weights in each hand for an added challenge (I’m using two 10-lb kettlebells). Squat down, keeping torso upright, and then return to starting position. Do this for the first 30 seconds. For the remaining 30 seconds, hold down in a squat position and pulse, small movements up and down.
  • Leg Lifts to Butt Lifts: Laying on your back with hands under your bum for support, lift legs off the ground and up, perpendicular to the ground (keeping them straight the whole time). Then lift your butt off the ground, thrusting your legs upward. Lower butt to ground and then lower legs almost to ground (feet should remain off the floor the whole time).
  • Kettlebell Swings: Start with kettlebell down between your legs and, using your arms as a pendulum, swing the bell to slightly above eye level by thrusting with your hips while keeping your core tight as you stand up straight. Swing back down and repeat. I use a 25-lb kettlebell, although it’s probably time to graduate to a 30-lb bell. Eek.
  • Cheek-to-Cheek Planks: Start in an elbow plank position. Keeping shoulders level, twist your torso to lower your right hip to the floor. Return to plank position and then twist the other way, lowering your right hip to the floor.
  • Jump Rope: You know the drill!


Tank: Puma // Spandex: Under Armour // Sneakers: Nike Free Run +3


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  1. I ordered mine from Aerospace NYC (bet you can guess why) and I really like it. Quick and light! I also used to use a weighted Nike one, and while the extra weight was nice, the rope wasn’t very flexible so when you try to do crosses, etc it was harder. But that could also be cause I’m an amateur.

  2. Hi! First off, love your blog and recipes. Secondly, some advice on your jump rope debacle. One of the members, who teaches jump rope classes at the gym I work at, gave me a jump rope and its fantastic. It’s the cable freestyle jump rope through buyjumpropes.net. It’s light and quick and so far I have no complaints about it. I was having a similar issue with the ropes i was buying from Dick’s and a Nike one from Marshals. Also try Gilt.com who’s currently running a sale on Manduka, Stott Pilates & TKO. The TKO jump ropes look comparable to the one I mentioned before but have prettier colors.

  3. Like your jump rope workout. I will have to try this out. I bought a jump rope a while back with intentions to use it a lot and haven’t. Currently I am doing the T-25 workout and swimming on the weekends in our pool.

  4. Hi, maybe too late already but I highly recommend RX Jump Ropes! I tried many other ropes before but this one is absolutely great (I use mine for Crossfit). It’s custom-sized to your body height and you can choose between diffierent cables depending on your needs. It’s not cheap but absolutely worth it.

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