Boot Camp Pyramid Workout

Boot Camp Pyramid Workout (reptile plank exercise)

At the start of every summer, I have a laundry list of outdoor activities I want to tackle: paddle boarding, rollerblading, tennis, sailing—the list goes on. And, as tends to also happen every summer, August rolls around and I have yet to dust off the ‘blades or invest in some tennis rackets…apparently I’m better at making lists than actually doing things on said lists.

But while tennis may remain a permanently unchecked line item (I’ve wanted to be a tennis star ever since my conflicting softball season prevented me from playing in high school), I’ve taken my workouts outside as much as possible to successfully soak up the summer. If you’ve got a backyard or access to a nearby park or sporting field, this boot camp pyramid workout is perfect. Did I look ridiculous doing traveling burpees across my parents’ lawn? Yes. But I got a little sun on my skin and a couple mosquito bites on my legs, and that’s all that really matters in the summer.

Bootcamp Pyramid Workout

You’ll need 50-60’ of lawn/track/etc. space for sprints and traveling burpees. If you don’t have a way to measure it, just picture the distance between bases on a softball or little league field. Each round, you’ll sprint up the 50-60’ and then return to the start doing traveling burpees. You’ll then do a series of three exercises: push-ups, leg lifts and reptile planks. After your first sprint/burpee, you’ll do 20 reps of each of these exercises. After your second sprint/burpee, you’ll do 18 reps of each; and so on, reducing by two reps each round. For clarity, here’s what the first three rounds look like:

  • Round 1: Sprint up, traveling burpees back. 20 push-ups, 20 leg lifts, 20 reptile planks.
  • Round 2: Sprint up, traveling burpees back. 18 push-ups, 18 leg lifts, 18 reptile planks.
  • Round 3: Sprint up, traveling burpees back. 16 push-ups, 16 leg lifts, 16 reptile planks.

Descriptions of each are below the picture tutorial.

Boot Camp Pyramid Workout from Pumps & Iron

  • Sprint
  • Traveling Burpees: This is a normal burpee, except you jump forward with both feet instead of up (jump as far forward as you can; this requires more effort and makes it more challenging). Each burpee will go like this: squat down, placing hands on ground in front of you; jump feet back into plank position; jump feet forward; stand back into squatting position, jump forward (with both feet; this isn’t a leap) as far as possible, landing in squat position.
  • Push-ups: From your knees or feet, depending on your fitness level.
  • Leg Lifts: Lay on back with hands under your butt or by your side for support. Lift legs straight up, perpendicular to the ground and then lower until they are just a couple inches off the ground. Legs should stay straight the whole time, and should never come to rest on the ground.
  • Reptile Planks: Bring your left knee (bent out to the side and parallel to the ground) up to your left elbow, crunching your obliques. Repeat on the right side.


Top: Under Armour (old) // Shorts: LLD // Sneakers: Ryka

What’s your favorite way to workout outdoors?


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  1. holy triceps!

    i like the idea of traveling burpees.

  2. Oooh I like this workout I am going to give this a go next week 🙂 Thanks for posting x

  3. I’ll have to try this workout. I don’t have the space to do traveling burpee’s but regular ones will do!

  4. Great plyometric workout when you don’t have equipment! I’ll have to try this one.

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