Quick Power Wheel Workout

quick power wheel workout

My power wheel has been collecting dust lately, so it was high time to use it in a workout. This is a full body workout, but the power wheel moves will specifically target your abs. I always feel roll outs in my arms as well. You’ll go through the following sequence 3 times. When you strap on the power wheel for the start of each round, it serves as a little break (I’m spoiling you!), so there’s no excuse not to push through this as fast as you can.

Quick Power Wheel Workout

  • 30 Power Wheel Tucks: Strap the power wheel on your feet and get into a plank position. Tuck your knees into your chest and then extend back out in the plank position.
  • 15 One-Leg Bridge Thrusts (on each leg): Lay on back, arms by side, one knee bent with foot on the ground, the other leg straight up in the air. Thrust your hips upward, keeping leg straight, into a bridge position (shoulder blades stay on the ground). Slowly lower until you’re just hovering above the ground and repeat. Switch legs after 15 reps.
  • 15 Power Wheel Roll Outs: Get on your knees and hold the power wheel centered on the ground. Your arms are going to stay straight throughout this. Slowly extend your arms, rolling the wheel out as far as you can go, lowering your torso. When you’ve extended as far as you can, slowly roll back to starting point. You’ll want to keep your butt down during these—think of your back, butt and hamstrings as one straight line. Breaking that straight line to stick your butt out makes returning from the extended position easier, but “easier” doesn’t result in six-pack abs…just sayin’.
  • 15 Competition Burpees: In this burpee variation, you lower yourself all the way down to the ground instead of a plank position, and then you push up, springing to your feet in one fluid motion. Imagine the way a surfer goes from laying on the board to on his feet—it’s that same kind of fluid jump movement. So the full burpee looks like this: squat down, hands on floor, jump back into plank position and immediately lower chest onto floor, spring back up into low squatting position, jump up with arms reaching overhead.


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  1. Great workout
    I love wheel roll outs! I always feel those the next day

  2. Becky Ethington says:

    how do you strap the wheel to your feet?

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