20-Minute Tabata Workout

20-minute Tabata Workout from Pumps & Iron

I should probably calm down with my all-neon workout outfits. I look like I rolled out of an Avicii concert and am craving attention, but let’s just excuse it as an attempt to get the last bit of brightness out of summer (how is it already the end of August?!)….

Anyway, on to today’s workout.

20-Minute Tabata Workout

You’ll do each exercise for 4 minutes before moving onto the next. For those 4 minutes, set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

20-minute Tabata Workout from Pumps & Iron

  • Logger Jumps: Start on all fours in a pike position with both feet to one side of the med ball (or any object of similar size). Jump your feet up, shifting all your weight onto your hands, and jump over the med ball, landing on the other side. Continue back and forth. I like to really exaggerate the jump, bringing my feet far above the med ball, but as long you’re clearing the top, it’s totally fine.
  • V-Up Crunches: To do a V-Up, you start on your back with arms stretched out overhead and legs hovering just slightly above the ground. You’ll then crunch up, bringing your hands towards your toes (keeping legs and arms straight). When done correctly, your body will make a “v” shape as you crunch; this means you’re not just reaching your arms up, your chest needs to move towards your knees. Lower back down to starting position. If possible, your feet should never touch the ground.
  • Plie Squats with Overhead Press: Channel your inner ballerina and stand with feet more than shoulder width apart, toes turned outward. Hold weights of your choice (I’m using 10-lb kettlebells in each hand). Squat down, weights at shoulder height. When you stand back up, press weights above your head.
  • Alternating Kneeling Table Plank Tucks: I first was introduced to this type of plank during the Equinox workout at Fenway Park I did a few months ago—it’s deceptively challenging. Get on all fours in a table position and then lift your knees a couple inches off the ground. Keeping them off the ground the whole time, alternate tucking one knee up towards your chest and then the other. It’s a small, controlled contraction.
  • High Knees: Stand tall, hold hands out in front of you, and bring your knees up to meet them, alternating quickly (like running in place but bringing your knees up).

The v-up crunches were definitely the hardest set for me. In fact, I may have just taken the most embarrassing picture of my life attempting to demonstrate one after doing a few too many…don’t worry, it’ll eventually be posted in the Bloopers album because I have no shame.


Tank: Nasty Gal // Leggings: Adidas // Sneakers: Nike Free Run +3


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  1. solid workout! and i LOVE the neon!!!

  2. Great workout, definitely gonna try it!
    I’m a new fitness blog 🙂 and I think yours is a great example, love it!
    x Hannah

  3. This might come of creepy…but I’m more of a tomboy type (wear my hair in a ponytail every day with athletic shorts and a baggy sweatshirt)… and I’m trying to be a better girl- the key is tryin’. ANYWAY- how do you do your hair like this? I know this is probably one of the lamest questions ever but It LOOKS awesome and I think I may be able to switch up the ‘ole pony for this…Been a follower for a while now- (yet another creepy comment) and I love your blog! Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’! Thanks for any help.

    • Haha not creepy at all! I’m pretty lame in the girl department when it comes to doing hair, so this is super easy: I pull my hair back like I’m about to put it in a high ponytail and then twist it around my finger until the whole pony is one long twist. I then wrap it around itself in a spiral (kind of like a cinnamon roll) into a little bun and secure with an elastic.

  4. I love V-up crunches, but man they make your abs burn!

  5. I’m loving Tabata workouts these days! I’ve been doing ones online… maybe it’s time to try yours!

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