My Favorite Healthy Snacks from Whole Foods

Healthy Snacks from Whole Foods

Although I weep softly to myself each time I see my total at checkout, I am head-over-heels in love with Whole Foods. And while I’m a big fan of skipping packaged snacks and instead munching on fruits, veggies, etc., there are some items on those grocery store shelves that are just too good (and good for you!) to pass up.

I’m not a calorie counter, and actually don’t pay much attention to nutrition labels in general, but I do always read the ingredient list before buying packaged foods. Do you need a PhD in Chemistry to be able to pronounce something on the list? Then don’t eat it. The following Whole Foods snacks have short ingredient lists, made up of real food I’ve actually heard of, and are delicious. Also, all are available in other grocery and health food stores; I’m just calling them “Whole Foods” snacks because I know I can always find them there.

Healthy Snacks from Whole Foods: Go Raw Spirulina Super Chips

1. Spirulina Super Chips from Go Raw

These are DELICIOUS. For those of you hesitant to give spirulina a try, this is a tasty way to get some in your diet. And I love the ingredient list for its utter simplicity: sprouted sesame seeds, banana, coconut, dates and spirulina. If I owned a dehydrator, I would love to try making this myself at home!

Healthy Snacks from Whole Foods: SkinnyPop Popcorn

2. SkinnyPop Popcorn

You know how when you typically eat popcorn, your fingers are left covered in oil and salt and butter and maybe cheese if you’re really getting after it? Well SkinnyPop leaves your hands clean—a good sign! It’s light and clean and I love it.

Healthy Snacks from Whole Foods: Brad's Leafy Kale

3. Vampire Killer Leafy Kale from Brad’s Raw Foods

I pretty much love any kind of kale chip you put in front of me, but if forced to pick between all that goodness, Vampire Killer gets my vote (I love garlic). Vegan, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher—they’ve pleased everyone except Team Edward.

Healthy Snacks from Whole Foods: Justin's Honey Almond Butter Packs

4. Honey Almond Butter Packs from Justin’s

These are the perfect size! I try not to keep almond butter jars in my apartment because I have the inability to eat them like a normal person. Want to see something impressive but mostly repulsive? Put a spoon and a jar of almond butter in front of me and watch how quickly I make that shit disappear. These little almond butter packs from Justin’s are great when I want to spread some on a banana or squeeze a little into my mouth without the temptation of consuming 4 metric tons in one sitting.

Healthy Snacks from Whole Foods: gimMe Roasted Seaweed

5. Roasted Seaweed Snacks from gimMe & SeaSnax

I’m obsessed with roasted seaweed. Obsessed. When you’re picking out a brand, try looking for those that don’t use canola oil. SeaSnax (not pictured) uses olive oil and gimMe uses sunflower oil, both healthier alternatives.  

What are your favorite grocery store snacks?


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  1. Yum! These all look awesome. A couple of months ago I had some of a friend’s gluten-free bar that was some sort of all-natural blueberry cobbler. I remember it had only a handful of ingredients and all were whole foods. I was impressed and needed more. She told me they sell it at Whole Foods but sadly, I have never found it! I’ll have to try some of your suggestions as replacements!

  2. All these look DELICIOUS…too bad none of those ingredients (with the exception of popcorn) even exist in Santa Marta. Don’t even know what spirulina looks or tastes like haha.

    One thing I always look at on the nutrition label, if nothing else, is the grams of sugar, you’d be surprised how much they sneak into the most unsuspecting of packaged foods!

  3. Justin’s is my fave! Their Chocolate Hazelnut butter is also nuts (get it??)

  4. These all look so good! I may be in trouble when I go shopping at Whole Foods this weekend, I want to try all of your favorite snacks! Ha.

  5. LOVE Justin’s!

  6. I still need to try Justin’s PB! There are so many different kinds, I never know which one to pick! I am loving Popchips right now, they are so addicting!

  7. Everything looks so good! I just read an article about popcorn though that made me a little hesitant to eat it. Does this brand not use chemicals?

  8. I loooove Justin’s. I can’t quite get down with the raw kale chips though…

  9. Charlotte says:

    The roasted seaweed snacks are talking to me! I’m really craving them now, haha! I came across a forum of others talking about their snacks (some healthy, some not)

  10. Just came across this post. I LOVE Whole Foods, but I agree with you on the silently weeping at check out. Do you like english muffins at all? I’m a HUGE fan of Rudi’s Organic Multigrain with Flax english muffins, and WF is the only place I’ve seen them for sale. I have those as a snack with the Justin’s almond butter on occasion, or coconut butter. They’re seriously the best damn english muffins I have EVER tasted. (I should do a commercial.) Thought I’d pass that along if you like that kind of thing.

    Definitely going to try the roasted seaweed – never even heard of it! Sounds interesting. 🙂

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