Frozen Fruit Dessert with Honey and Almond Butter

Frozen Fruit Dessert with Honey and Almond Butter (dairy-free "ice cream"!)

When I decided to greatly reduce the amount of dairy in my diet (you can read more on that here), it was surprisingly easy for me to give up cheese. What wasn’t so easy was giving up frozen yogurt and ice cream. I. Love. Ice cream. I mean, I was a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns ice cream for Halloween this past year. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Frozen Fruit Dessert with Honey and Almond Butter (dairy-free "ice cream"!)

While I definitely still enjoy some ice cream and froyo here and there (while screaming “YOLO!” and thrusting my middle fingers into the air), I’m always on the hunt for dairy-free alternatives to satisfy those cravings. You can imagine how excited I was when Yonanas sent me one of their awesome banana ice cream makers. It looks like and has the same consistency of froyo, but it’s made with frozen fruit.

Frozen Fruit Dessert with Honey and Almond Butter (dairy-free "ice cream"!)For this particular frozen dessert concoction, I used banana and strawberries, and stirred in some almond butter and honey, topping it with shredded coconut—but the combination possibilities are endless. 

Frozen Fruit Dessert with Honey and Almond Butter

Yield: 1 small bowl

Frozen Fruit Dessert with Honey and Almond Butter

A dairy-free "ice cream" made with frozen fruit.


  • 1 large banana, spotted and frozen
  • 1 handful strawberries, frozen
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • ½ tbsp honey
  • Shredded unsweetened coconut


  1. Peel one large banana (wait until it’s spotted—this is the perfect ripeness for frozen desserts), cut in half, seal in a Ziploc bag and put in the freezer overnight.
  2. Remove the green stem/leaves from a handful of strawberries, seal in a Ziploc bag and also freeze overnight.
  3. Let the fruit thaw for 10 minutes (you might want to take the strawberries out of the freezer before the banana and give them 5-10 extra minutes of thawing).
  4. Put half the banana in the Yonanas machine, steadily pushing it through.
  5. Put the strawberries through.
  6. Put the other half of the banana through.
  7. Stir the honey and almond butter into to frozen fruit.
  8. Top with shaved coconut.

First my new juicer, now Yonanas—lately I’ve been really into appliances that look like they have erections. And when you think about it, why wouldn’t you want your kitchen gadgets to be happy to see you? 🙂

Frozen Fruit Dessert with Honey and Almond Butter (dairy-free "ice cream"!)

Do you guys have any other fun kitchen gadgets you’d recommend?


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  1. Yum! I make this every once in a while, and love adding frozen cherries into the mix! I like the idea of adding almond butter though, maybe I’ll try that next time. And I just make mine in my Vitamix, no erectile appliances necessary 🙂

    • Owning a Vitamix is pretty much my goal in life haha. Until then…”excited” kitchen appliances for me.

  2. HOLY YUM! That looks delish!

  3. That looks amazing! I have a weakness for frozen desserts.

  4. Looks delicious! I’m trying to cut down on the dairy myself so it’s nice to see you can still enjoy treats like this without it! 🙂

  5. mmm….gorgeus! diary-free, so less cellulite :o). superrb!

  6. You might still want to enjoy this especially when you’re on a weight loss diet. Good post.

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