The #getfresh Campaign

The Fresh 20's #getfresh Campaign

You may have already seen on Facebook that I have the pleasure of working with The Fresh 20 on their #getfresh campaign this back-to-school season. The Fresh 20 is a meal planning service that helps families put healthy, homemade, simplified dinners on the table each night. Your weekly shopping list includes just 20 fresh, seasonal ingredients, with which you can make five delicious dinners.

With childhood obesity as a grave issue in this country, and one that I’m particularly passionate about, I was excited to get involved with The Fresh 20’s current campaign, #getfresh, and to share it with all you out there with kids of your own! 

The #getfresh Campaign

The Fresh 20 supports healthy eating habits as kids head back to school this year.  They’re on a mission to find The Freshest Kids in America by asking kids the question, “How do you #getfresh?” Utilizing any social platform, parents can submit either a video or a photo of how their children #getfresh on health, and be entered to win daily prizes or an awesome grand prize. You can get all the entry details here.

The campaign offers children and their parents a unique opportunity to get creative with their fresh and healthy habits and to get kids involved in their own health decisions. Check out their site for more info and #getfresh back-to-school ideas!

Now, I don’t have children, but I do make ridiculously irresponsible decisions on a weekly basis, so I think that level of immaturity qualifies me as a child. Right?? I may just enter myself…


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