Gymboss Interval Timer Giveaway

Gymboss Interval Timer Giveaway

Hello hello! I’m excited to kick off the week with a giveaway that couldn’t possibly be more fitting for Pumps & Iron. Interval training is one of my favorite ways to workout (it’s so effective!), and I’ve teamed up with Gymboss to give one lucky reader a new Gymboss Interval Timer. The timer is awesome—super easy to set custom intervals and it can clip right on to your waistband. And most importantly, it comes in a bunch of different colors, so you can get one that matches your sneakers. Priorities! 

An interval timer is crucial for a ton of the workouts I post here. For example, in this tabata kettlebell workout, you’d set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. For workouts that don’t have a rest interval, you can just set the second interval on your timer to 0—super versatile!

Gymboss Interval Timer Giveaway


To enter, use the widget below. Simply leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite interval workout—maybe you love tabata, or recently took a class at your gym, or have a favorite blog or website that posts interval workouts, or maybe you’re a total teacher’s pet and love one of my routines (A+ for you!). For extra entries, you can follow me and/or Gymboss on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

The winner will be randomly selected on Friday evening and can pick any color for their new Gymboss Interval Timer. Good luck!

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  1. Allison Kezerle says:

    I would love this for your interval workouts!

  2. I do some tabata style workouts from a spinning website, they’re awesome

  3. I love your interval workouts! This would be great!

  4. My favorite interval workouts are from the you tube channel Vivace Fitness. You should check out Chelsea’s stuff. They are easy to understand she has about 90 different options on there.

  5. I would love to win this!!!!

  6. This would be super helpful to do your tabata workouts correctly! …as in actually timing my intervals 🙂

  7. I love interval workouts, I’ve been doing a ton of bodyrocktv’s online programs. So great and they are like 15 minutes max!

  8. I loveeee tabata!! Such a good, quick fat burning session!!

  9. i love using it for circuit workouts…with the battle ropes…20 seconds seems like an eternity!!!

  10. I have just found how much I love doing circuit workouts. I have so much fun now finding good ones to do. This would be awesome!

  11. I definitely love/hate your interval workouts, especially when there are burpees! And by love/hate, I mostly mean love/appreciate!

  12. This would be so nice to use in my fitness classes!

  13. This would be great for interval workouts! I haven’t really done much interval training but this would be a great way to kickstart it.

  14. mortimer.hayley says:

    I love Tone It Up’s HIIT The Beach: High Intensity Interval Training routine, I also love your tabata kettle bell workout, killer!

  15. I use a timer for circuits I make up myself, usually 30s work x 4 exercises.

  16. Bodyrock!! Well, the old bodyrock with Zuzana was my favorite. I also really like her ZWOWs now. You post great interval workouts too!

  17. I like just throwing together random circuits and doing the exercises for 30 sec with 30 sec breather

  18. I love your Tabata workouts!

  19. I’m new to your site and have fallen in love with it! I’m a huge fan of tabata style workouts.

  20. Haven’t tried interval training yet, but really want to. This would def motivate me to actually try them!

  21. Great for at-home workouts

  22. I love love love intervals,.whether on the run, on the bike, or on the mat with your workouts!

  23. Favorite interval workout as of late has been 30 second sprints on the treadmill. However, I also love circuits that don’t involve machines.

  24. I like 30 day shred and also Insanity.

  25. I love your tabata workouts!! I’m also a big fan of Tone It Up’s HIIT!

  26. I love combining strength training moves with 30-45 second bursts of high intensity movements in between, like mountain climbers, jump squats, and plank jacks!

  27. Recently I’ve had to use the stationary bike, so I try to make it a little more fun by adding intervals of fast riding to “Applause” by Lady Gaga. It’s the perfect interval song!

  28. I would love this for tabata! And for teaching interval workouts at the gym (my fav).

  29. I have wanted one of these for so long!

  30. Oh I need this! I’ve been using an online interval timer and it is not the easiest to use and I have to stay by my computer!

  31. Roxana Ipson says:

    Hi! I actually get a lot of my workout ideas from your blog, as well as from, and the 20-10 second intervals are a staple. The Gymboss timer would really come in handy since I use it so often. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  32. You don’t use your phone? Is this just easier?

    • I used to use a couple different apps on my iPhone and they definitely did the job, but I found that some of them caused issues with letting me stream music at the same time.

  33. I love interval workouts, tabatas are an old fave!

  34. This would be such a great use for tabata workouts… especially yours 😉

  35. I love interval training so this would be perfect for me! I’ve done Bodyrock in the past and love your workouts!

  36. love tabata!

  37. this would be great for tabata workouts!

  38. I love it just for interval workouts!!

  39. My favorite interval workout is actually one of your kettlebell workouts!

  40. ashleighadores says:

    This would be prefect for tabata workouts!

  41. I love interval training. So effect. Would love to win this

  42. So many great interval workouts online now I try to switch it up and try a different one every time!

  43. I love tabata workouts because they go by so fast but you get an awesome workout in!

  44. Megan Leary says:

    I love tabata workouts! It’s an easy way to get a lot of exercises in.

  45. I love tabata workouts!

  46. I use a LOT of Tabata intervals in my Body Back classes….love that you can do ANYTHING for 20 sec at a time 😉

  47. i like a tabata set of squats, pushups, situps and burpees – 4 mins each, 20 sec on, 10 off.

  48. Karen Haynes says:

    I would love to win!

  49. I love to do runs and sprints with interval training. I have seen amazing improvements in my runs in as little as 2 weeks!

  50. I recently completed the 30 Day Shred and love the 3-2-1 interval system. I could also use the GymBoss for the 100 Pushup Challenge.

  51. I have done a couple of your interval workouts plus I have done Tabata so I would love this timer! I have been googling interval timer on my computer and using it but a handheld one would be much better!

  52. Definitely tabata, so quick and effective!

  53. I have a tabata app on my phone, but this would be nice to change lengths of time, etc.

  54. Would love to have this for my workouts!!

  55. I post tons of favorite interval workouts on my site & pages, HIIT, tabata, circuits – all my fav way of training! Love 50/10 workouts, 45/5 workouts, all of them!!!

  56. Ashley Bourgoyne says:

    I love old bodyrock hiit workouts!

  57. I love doing 1min hard 1 min moderate HIIT on the stationary bike!

  58. Lauren Nicole says:

    20 minute tabata every morning!

  59. i love doing interval training with a skipping rope ! its the best 🙂

  60. I love any type of interval training! i use it ALL the time for my workouts and my clients. YOU have some great ones on here and I also love Jess at Blonde Ponytail!

  61. Would love this!!

  62. I love your interval workouts!

  63. i would use this for doing intervals with my plyo box.

  64. I love tabata workouts and also any of the workouts from the Nike training center app!

  65. This would be a perfect addition to my workout equipment

  66. this would make interval workouts so much easier!

  67. I haven’t really gotten into interval training. This time would be a great kickstart!

  68. i love using interval timers for circuit workouts…especially ones with jumproping where i can’t always be looking at a watch

  69. I love intervals that incorporate cardio and bodyweight exercises…the less equipment, the better!

  70. I went to a crosspin class Friday and the first half of the class was crazy intervals! It was awesome!

  71. My faves are circuit weights with plyometrics and tabata! This timer would be perfect!

  72. I use intervals for everything…I prefer the 50-10 variation to really get my heart pumping. The gymboss timer takes me back to the good ole days of BodyRock with Zuzana!

  73. I love intervals! A quick and efficient way to get my workouts in. My go to is 50/10 🙂

  74. Rachel Evans says:

    My favorite type of interval work out is running intervals. I love sweating, as weird and uncomfortable as that sounds, and thats ALWAYS the way to crank up the heat when i’m running!

  75. HIIT & Circuit workouts are my favorite!

  76. Tabata is my favorite

  77. I actually love your tabata kettlebell workouts! It’s one of my favorite ways to switch up my strength training routine.

  78. I NEED an interval timer! These phone apps are not cutting it :/

  79. I would love this for some of your interval workouts!!

  80. I have wanted one of these for so long! I use my iphone timer now, but it’s not convenient when you’re also trying to listen to music with it! I like the HIIT workouts from The DailyHiit, but what I use the interval timer for most often is for planks! I set the timer to beep at 60 seconds (to plank) and 10 seconds (to rest). Every couple of weeks I’ll increase the plank time by a few seconds. Love the blog, keep it up!

  81. Love interval workouts! Just did one this morning on the treadmill and this timer sure would have come in handy!

  82. I love tabatha intervals and I either follow yours or make them up myself!

  83. My fave workout is running in the early mornings and killing my body with your super fun workouts!:-) Thank you!*

  84. I just moved last week from Boston to Philly & haven’t found a gym yet, so I’m trying more interval workouts on my own at home. I would love this timer to help keep me accountable & push myself! Your workouts have been amazing!!!

  85. I like to make up my interval workouts on the fly. generally I’ll do 10 exercises 3x around.

  86. i’ve done several of your interval work outs! I love the 8 minute abs 2.0!

  87. I love interval workouts, but I usually make them up using supersets! I pre-plan them before the gym, but sometimes there’s not much rhyme or reason.

  88. I’m kind of a newbie to tabata workouts, & I live in a rural area no gyms around. This would come in handy!

  89. I LOVE tabata and want to try out some of your workouts with it too 🙂

  90. I love doing kettlebell interval workouts. I’ve had my eye on this timer to keep me motivated for a while, it would be perfect for my workouts.

  91. I really like kettlebell workouts and we all love a good arm workout.

  92. I’ve tried several of your tabata workouts and liked several of the shorter ones where I feel I can push myself harder.

  93. I love tabata drills – and I love doing drills on the trampoline! Most fun workout ever.

  94. My favorite is HIIT workouts, specifically just 30 seconds at top speed running and 60 seconds off.

  95. I love interval training to stop myself getting bored. My favourite interval training is on the treadmill (although running is one of my least favourite things…) because I switch between a slow and fast pace to get the best from my workout!

  96. tabata workouts are my jam and this would be perfect!

  97. I do a modified version of the New York Times 7-minute workout. This would be perfect for that!

  98. This would actually be a great gift for my husband.

  99. I adore tabata drills. I would love to have this timer.

  100. I’ve just started trying a few interval workouts. I’ve been sore so I know they must be working 😉

  101. I love ZWOW workouts and the Gymboss would be perfect for them!

  102. Sarah O'Boyle says:

    I hope I win! Thank you for the giveaway!

  103. I like doing an interval style running/jogging workout where I alternate running intervals with a strength training move. The Gymboss would make it so much easier! Thank you for the giveaway.

  104. i love tabata the most. 🙂

  105. When marathon training in the winter on the treadmill (holy snooze fest) I do a ladder interval program beginning with a walk and increase my speed every 60 seconds for five minutes and then work my way back down. This fancy gadget would be awesome for that!

  106. I like the workouts on your blog and PBfingers blog as well!

  107. this is so much better than relying on my glitchy phone app!

  108. Brent Swigert says:

    Since finding your site, tabatas have become my favorite thing. Along with your kettlebell workouts I’m losing fat and building muscle. Thanks Nicole!

  109. On days that I don’t feel like running, I love to do HIIT and all sorts of circuit workouts! I intern for Amanda Russell ( so I’m also always doing her quick and sweaty interval workouts. A Gymboss Interval Timer is a must for these – using my watch can get annoying!

  110. I would love to win. Keep wanting to get a interval timer. Love your blog.

  111. I love interval workouts—from running to your workouts, of course—they make the time go by faster!

  112. I’ve found a lot of great tabata and interval workouts from She is always talking about the Gymboss Timer in her instructional videos! Love all your workouts too!

  113. I love tabata workouts that include kettle bells and the val slide. I’m a graduate student and I am also working so I like quick and efficient workouts.

  114. Tabata workouts rock!

  115. Tabatas are my absolute favorite!! I love them! (I was just looking at these last week. Trying to decide the regular or the minimax.)

  116. This would be a great addition to help me with my boot camp training. Any color will do :]

  117. I love hopping on the spinning bike to crank out an interval workout.

  118. I really like lifting heavy at the gym and taking my dog for walks.

  119. I use my gymboss in my PiYo class when I do a round of 30 sec. intervals. love it!! Could def. use another!

  120. Ooooh, I’ve allways wanted one(:

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