Lower-Body Resistance Band Workout

Lower-Body Resistance Band Workout

Through blogging, I’ve been introduced to so many awesome brands and products. Most recently, I got the opportunity to review two products from Cozy Orange’s line of yoga and studio wear, and I am so excited to share more about the brand with you guys.

First off, you’ve probably noticed I’m drawn towards companies with a social/eco conscious. Cozy Orange is committed to eco-friendly practices, and they donate a portion of proceeds to developing economies in third world countries. They put a face to the cause by having a sponsored entrepreneur each month, so you can get to know the person your money is helping—which I love! Not only is it a feel-good company, but their apparel is AWESOME. I was so impressed by the quality.

In today’s post, I’m wearing the Libra Yoga Crops. They have a wide, comfortable waistband and are made of a supportive material that is super flattering to the booty (which, let’s be real, is all that really matters). My full review will be up on the Cozy Orange website in the near future, but the bottom line: love ‘em! And as you can see, they passed the workout test…

Lower-Body Resistance Band Workout

Equipment I Used:

  • 2 Resistance bands
  • Exercise mat

You’ll go through the following sequence THREE TIMES. I found it was easier to use two difference resistance bands (one tied in a circle, the other not) so that I didn’t have to tie/untie between exercises.

Lower-Body Resistance Band Workout

  • 25 Fire Hydrant Leg Extensions (each side): Loop the band around one foot and pin the ends under your hand, getting on all fours. With knee bent, lift your leg like you’re a dog about to pee on a fire hydrant. Extend your leg back and up, keeping foot flexed so that the band stays put. Then bring your knee in, crunching it back towards your ribs. Don’t let your knee drop down; it should stay lifted parallel to the ground in that fire hydrant position.
  • 10 Sets of Traveling Squats (3 to the left, 3 to the right): Wrap the resistance band around your thighs (over your quads, cross under your hamstrings and grab the ends, holding them tight). Squat down, pushing that weight back into your butt so that your knees don’t stick out over your toes. Staying down low in that squat, step your left foot out to the side. Bring your right foot in to meet it. This should be a slow and controlled movement; don’t let the resistance band snap that right leg in. Repeat this, taking three steps in this direction. Then take three steps in the opposite direction, leading with your right foot. This is ONE set.
  • 20 Laying Leg Scissors (each side): Lay on your side propped up on an elbow, with other hand in front of you for support. With resistance band tied just above your ankles and legs straight, lift that top leg up as far as you can and then slowly lower it. Try not to lower it all the way down; you want to keep some tension in that resistance band the entire time.
  • 20 Laying Leg Circles (each side): Remain in the same laying position as the previous exercise (on your side, propped up on elbow, other hand in front for support, band tied above ankles). Lift the top leg up about halfway and circle it forward, up, back, down, maintaining tension in the resistance band the whole time. These should be small, controlled circles so that you’re fighting against that resistance band the whole time. Once you’ve completed 10 in that direction, reverse it for the last 10.
  • 20 Standing Back Kicks (each side): Stand up with band still tied above your ankles. Place arms on hips or hold out to sides for balance. Place weight on one foot and kick the other straight out back behind you. Slowly bring it back in. Try to suck your belly button to your spine throughout this to keep your core tight.

The next day, I found that I also felt sore in my obliques–let me know if you feel the burn there, too!

Lower-Body Resistance Band Workout


Cropped Leggings: c/o Cozy Orange // Sneakers: Nike Free Run +3

And get excited—I’ve got another workout coming your way tomorrow! You can think of it as my feeble attempt to make up for the fact that I dedicated Monday’s post to talking about Candy Crush Saga…


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  1. Very Wonderfully explained! I am wondered that resistance bands can also provide excellent workout to the lower body! Thanks for the post Nicole!!

  2. If you haven’t tried the “Core Fusion Sport” class at Exhale yet, you have to! The band work mixed with cardio is amazing!


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