Newport Wine & Food Festival

Newport Wine & Food Festival

Hey guys! Sorry for the radio silence the past couple days. It’s going to be a slow week for blog posts as I’m busy doing lots of boring behind-the-scenes blog stuff (re-categorizing things, fixing some pictures issues, etc. etc.).

But I wanted to share a few pictures from the Newport Wine & Food Festival that I was invited to attend last weekend. The historic Newport mansions are out-of-this-world beautiful, and the event was held at the Marble House on its back lawn overlooking the ocean. The best part, however, wasn’t the mansion, but this massive Japanese “teahouse” in the backyard that looked totally out of place in the best way possible. I put “teahouse” in parenthesis because the Newport Preservation Society may claim it’s a teahouse but I prefer another story…

Can’t you just totally see some black sheep degenerate distant Vanderbilt cousin who eventually inherited the mansion go on an eight-day bender and out of boredom and delirium decide to install a dojo in the backyard? It would have been right around this point that the neighborhood road association (gated community association? Not sure what rich people call these things…) would have stepped in and been like, “Ok, Tripp, that’s enough out of you. You’re going to rehab and we’re turning this mansion into a tour group attraction.” 

Obviously that’s 110% historically incorrect, but thinking that made touring the building a lot more entertaining for me.

Newport Wine & Food FestivalThere were tables upon tables of delicious food, but my hands-down favorite was the Tuna Tartare Tacos from Chef James Mitchell at Midtown Oyster Bar. I probably ate 17. Which is totally socially unacceptable, so let’s just blame my actions on the beer. It actually got to the point where the girls working the table would see me approaching and just fill a plate with them and hand that to me so I could walk off and avoid the embarrassment of standing at the table, sheepishly taking one after another, pretending each one is my first, and desperately trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Thanks, girls. I owe you one.

Newport Wine & Food FestivalAll in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday—wine, beer, yummy food, beautiful setting. The only failure was my choice in shoes. I had to take a little break to sit in the grass behind the dojo teahouse.

Newport Wine & Food Festival


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  1. I much prefer your story. But I disagree about the tuna…there is no such thing as too much.

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