Fall Fitness Gear I’m Craving

Fall Fitness Gear

New season, new wish list of fitness gear. This fall, I’ve got outdoor activities and running on my mind, and I’m loving Nike, Stella McCartney, Lulu and Ellie. Here’s the fitness gear I’m currently coveting:

  1. New Nike Free +3 running shoes: Fall is my absolute favorite time of year to run (for fun and in races). Last October I ran my first half marathon and this Saturday I’ll be doing the Run 10 Feed 10 10K…in the same sneakers. I LOVE the Nike Free +3 running shoes, so I want to stick with the same design and just get them in a new color. I think it’s safe to say the ol’ neon green sneaks have had well over their 15 minutes of fame on my blog. I customized the ones pictured with Nike ID.
  2. Warm leggings & crops: These patterned leggings and crops from Ellie are high on my wish list. I’m like a moth to a flame when it comes to fun patterns and bright colors. I’m also crushing on these sweats from Adidas by Stella McCartney.
  3. Nike signature tees and tanks: I’m loving these super simple Nike tops—the cut looks so flattering and relaxed. And I’ve always been more of a loose top girl when it comes to working out because they’re just so much more comfortable.
  4. Yoga mat: This isn’t a “want”—it’s a “desperately need.” My exercise mat is probably older than Justin Bieber. Seriously. Keeping in mind that it’ll be getting photographed a lot for all my workout tutorials on the blog, I’m thinking black is a good neutral color choice.
  5. Running gloves: I’ve mentioned before on the blog that I have Raynaud’s Syndrome, which is basically just a circulation glitch that makes the blood vessels in certain body parts temporarily constrict to the point of zero blood flow. It sounds bad, but it’s mostly just annoying—we’re talking a finger here, a toe there, nothing serious. But it can be painful, and can also make running outside in the fall a little tricky on cold mornings. Even though it’s barely October, I’ve already had a few Raynaud’s issues, so it’s time to whip out the gloves—and not just those thin, lightweight ones. I need some real insulation to them, so I’m thinking these thermal fleece Nike ones would be good.
  6. Hiking boots: If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I visit my parents’ house in Maine a few times during the fall and winter. When the leaves start to change in October, it makes the trails and mountains around their place perfect for hiking and soaking in the scenery. Last year, I got away with borrowing my mom’s, but this year I want to invest in my own pair of hiking boots. And it’s a true testament to just how beautiful the hiking is that I’m actually willing to spend my money on a pair of ugly mountain boots over a pair of 6” stilettos. Some Instagram proof (@nicoleperr) to back me up:
    Instagrams from Maine (@nicoleperr)


  7. Zip-ups: Colder weather means it’s time to whip out the zip-ups and long sleeves. I love the bright color of this Stella McCartney hoodie; the color blocking used in this Nike half-zip; and the fun pattern of this Lululemon zip-up.
  8. Exercise ball: In September, I moved from a small, one-bedroom apartment into a spacious, four-bedroom house. That sentence makes it sound glamorous, but I live with three other people…in Southie…so don’t worry guys, I’m definitely still drinking two-buck Chuck and shopping for clothes on eBay. 🙂 But all the added square-footage means I have more room for workout equipment, so it’s time to add a big ol’ ball to the mix.
  9. Gym bag: Back when I did my roundup of summer fitness gear I was craving, I was thinking brights, brighter brights and neon when looking for a gym bag. Well, I’m glad I held off on that purchase, because now I’m leaning towards something that’ll work year-round, like this Adidas by Stella McCartney bag.

What fitness gear are you craving for fall?


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  1. Oh I love fall running too! Ebay & my mail lady have been getting more attention than usual the last 3 weeks from me! Every day my hubby walks in from lunch and is like, “package!”. YAY! Starting today, I should be able to run again and wear some of the long sleeve shirts I found! 😉 I LOVE those jackets! And the cropped pants! Def a ‘must-have’! 😉 And no need to justify ANYTHING work-out related to me!

  2. i like that bag! i LOVE my country road bag. I’ve been rocking it the last two years and still adore it. I can throw it in the washer when it gets gross, too. which…happpens…

  3. Fall running is the best! I am loving all of these things, too. Somehow my ball has disappeared so I am also on the hunt for a new ball 🙂

  4. Vanessa Koman says:

    I have Reynaud’s too–totally annoying, but doable. : ) Thank you so much for all of your awesome workouts–they help keep things fresh and prevent me from getting bored! You rock!

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