10K Running Playlist

10K Running Playlist (EDM)

Saturday morning, I’ll be running the Women’s Health Magazine Run 10 Feed 10 charity 10K, so I wanted to put together an hour-long playlist to pump me up along the course. Immediately after crossing the finish line, I’ll be hailing a cab to the airport and jumping on a flight to Las Vegas to celebrate three of my friends’ birthdays, so I literally have no other choice but to finish this race in an hour or less.

When I workout, EDM is my absolute favorite music to listen to (you might have noticed based on the other two playlists I’ve posted to the blog here and here), and these are some of my current favorite tracks:

What are currently your favorite songs to workout to?


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  1. Thanks for this! I’m running the Run 10 Feed 10 in Miami next weekend so maybe I’ll have to steal your playlist…anything to get me across the finish line! Good luck catching your flight, I think Vegas is the ultimate reward. 😉

  2. I am a big EDM fan while running too. I’ve been loving anything by Calvin Harris and Zedd lately.

  3. I’m going to be doing a 10K on Thanksgiving day … totally going to download some of these songs!

  4. Nice playlist! I listen to a lot of David Guetta and Kanye West when I work out.

  5. I love the song Animals by Martin Garrix. It totally gets me in the zone! EDM is my favorite running music hands down!

  6. Hip Hop is the only thing that will do it for me and then bizarrely enough right at the end I like ‘how to Save a Life’ by the Fray.

    Random. I know.

    • Haha this has nothing to do with workouts, but in college I used to listen to movie soundtrack background music while I studied–talk about random!

  7. I still love Icona Pop I don’t care. I could workout to it on repeat!

    Hilary x thehealthycollective.com

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