Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy: My First Session

My first hypnosis sessionLast Friday I talked about the theories behind quantum healing hypnosis therapy (check out the post HERE if you missed it), and, as promised, I wanted to share all about my first session. In short, it was awesome. I loved it, it was emotionally cathartic, and I gained so much insight from it.

I should stat by reiterating that everyone has a different experience with hypnosis—some people are easily hypnotized; for others, it’s a lot harder to access that subconscious. I mentioned in my last post that you visit three past lives to gain insight into your issue, but some people just see images from their current life, others only see one or two past lives—it totally varies by session.

Having practiced with 10 different people, my mom said that I definitely got “into it” more easily and deeply than most of the other people. This could be because I’m a very visual person—I’ve always been able to vividly picture things in my head and recall memories in acute detail. It could also be that growing up with such a spiritual mom, I’ve always been surrounded by alternative healing and am more open to these types of things as a result. Hey, it could also just be that I’m a total weirdo with an overactive imagination. Regardless of why it worked so well for me, it did, and I am now a huge supporter of hypnosis as a healing method.

The Topic of My Hypnosis Session

As I mentioned in last week’s post, you go into a hypnosis session with a question you’d like answered or an issue in your life you’d like help with. Personally, I had difficulty coming up with a question because I’m in a place in my life where I feel very happy, healthy and fulfilled. So I decided to go a different route, asking to understand a certain personality trait of mine: Being identified as part of a group of girls makes me extremely uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong—I’ve always had lots of close girlfriends and valued these friendships beyond words, but something about that group identity really bothers me, and sometimes I avoid frequent group activities with the same set of girls as a result.

Getting in “The Zone”

I didn’t know what to expect when my mom started—would I be totally under her control? Would I blackout? Would it not work? Would she trick me into admitting to all those parties I threw at our house in high school when she was gone?

It was surprising because although I was very much “in it,” I was also aware of my surroundings. I knew throughout the whole session that I was laying on my couch in Southie. But at the same time, I was seeing moments from my supposed past lives with extreme vividness, and feeling intense emotions as if I were right there experiencing each moment. It was like being two places at once.

To start, you get comfortable (I laid down on my couch under a blanket), close your eyes, and listen as the hypnotherapist talks to you in a calming, rhythmic voice and asks you to picture certain things (a beautiful place, a dog, a tree, etc.). She then guides you to “travel” to a significant time and place and asks you to describe what you see. For me, this was the first past life I saw. I didn’t go through every moment and detail of the life, but instead just saw a handful of significant moments. I would compare it to seeing short video clips of scenes from different parts of a movie.

Past Life 1

past life 1This one was the most emotional for me—before I even got a clear image in my mind, I was inexplicably fighting back tears. To summarize, I was a young Middle Eastern woman and involved with a secret, underground organization or group of people on some sort of dangerous mission. I was a very important asset to this group, and was trusted with executing some part of the mission that was life-threatening, if not suicidal.

Before leaving for it, I had to say goodbye to the love of my life—and when I saw this image, I started SOBBING. It was bizarre—I actually could feel the love that I felt for this boy in my past life, and seeing Past Life Me say goodbye to him made Current Life Me literally bawl my eyes out and choke on my own snot. Super awkward.

Welp, turns out I died on that oh-so-important mission of mine. The last image I saw was at my funeral, with my boyfriend standing off to the side all alone. It was devastating.

Sound ridiculous? I know. Had the hypnosis session ended here (and had it not been for how strongly heartbroken I felt when seeing that boyfriend of mine), I would have been like “Ok, Mom, clearly I’ve just been watching too many James Bond movies.” But my other two lives were a little more “normal”… 

Past Life 2

past life 2Unlike the first life, in which I really only saw scenes from the last few months or days of that life, I saw clips from the entire span of this life. I was a little (white) boy growing up in a small town down South during the abolition of slavery with a single mom and dog. It was a super simple upbringing, but a happy one. We were against slavery, and my mom even aided in helping a few who escaped from slavery (before its abolition) by letting them hide in a small shed we had.

In my late teens, I was somewhat forced into taking a job driving a carriage that transported African Americans to an auction block in our small town square. I hated it, felt morally disturbed by it—but there was this pressure from the town to continue it.

Because I wouldn’t be able to show my face around town if I quit, I decided to leave the town altogether, and traveled up North to live in a city (I think it was New York). Here I got into journalism and was very successful, but also lonely and unfulfilled. At some point during my time up North, slavery must have been abolished.

Eventually, I returned to my small town down South as a young adult. I started a small local newspaper and got the whole community involved and excited about it. I spent the rest of my life in that same little town, an active member of the community, totally fulfilled and content, had a big family of my own, and died at an old age surrounded by friends and family, utterly satisfied with my simple, but happy life.

Past Life 3

past life 3I saw bits and pieces from this life totally out of order—first me as an old woman, then me as a small child—it jumped around. But this is the story it composed:

I lived in a city somewhere in Asia and was very close to my father growing up. As a small child, however, I witnessed him getting taken away (arrested? kidnapped?) in a very traumatic way. Men came barging into our home and grabbed him while my mom held my sister and I in a corner and tried to cover our eyes. I tried to run out of the house after my dad, but he’d already disappeared, and I’d never see him again. (Seeing this part brought on another burst of awkward couch crying.)

I went through the rest of my life alone—by choice. Guys would ask me on dates and I’d be totally uninterested and just want to do my own thing. I never married, never had a family, and lived a very plain, lonely life. I would die alone as well, an elderly woman quietly passing away in a hospital bed, barely even noticed by the nurses.

I know…depressing.

My Takeaways from These Lives

So how do these past lives pertain to my original question about feeling uncomfortable being labeled as part of a group? In the first and third lives that I saw, I was very much alone and independent—even choosing this solo mission over the relationship with that boy I loved so much. And these were both very sad for me to relive. In the second life, although it was simple, I felt so happy and fulfilled being part of that small community—I felt so loved, and loved my family and neighbors and town in return.

So it wasn’t so much a clear answer as to why I’m uncomfortable being identified as part of a group, but more so a reminder of how important relationships and friendships are in living a happy life. You can still be a unique individual while also belonging to a group or community, and I think I need a little reminder of that from time to time.

In a way, I feel like the hypnosis session made me value my friendships more and want to put extra effort into being a good friend (not that I was a bad friend before the session!). It’s hard to explain, but I just felt really good after hypnosis. Happy, calm, refreshed—it was like a little weight was lifted from my shoulders that I didn’t even know was there to begin with. I loved it!

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Ok, now on to the comments—I can’t wait to hear about how batshit crazy you all think I am after reading this haha.


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  1. this is so bizarre. interesting but totally crazy too. im so intrigued!!

  2. I actually think this is FASCINATING! I’ve had good luck with meditation as a recovery technique, and have had some similar-ish experiences/emotions to yours pop up there. I’ve always been curious about hypnosis, but I’m skeptical about certain practitioners… so, my question might be more for your momma, but: How would you recommend finding someone 1-qualified and 2-serious about it? I’m totally interested, but I don’t want to be scammed, either.

  3. This is so cool and you came out of with so many amazing details! I was so curious to hear about your experience because I once awoke from a very vivid “dream” but for some unexplainable reason, I was sure it was not a dream but actually a memory from a past life. It’s really hard to explain these experiences to people but you did such a great job with this piece, even if there is no way to ever prove to anyone what these memories or dreams really are… I have goose bumps 🙂

    • Based on the theories of hypnosis, I bet it wasn’t a dream! They say you access that same unconscious when sleeping and hypnotized–so cool! 🙂

  4. http://www.dolorescannon.com/find-practitioner .You can go to that link to find a practitioner. They are just now starting a system where they “recommend practitioners” so it will be a while before they can “test run” all their practitioners and put a stamp of approval on them. I would ask for references and check them out if you want to be sure about someone. Just remember, you are in control, not the therapist. That said, you will get more out of it if you feel relaxed and safe.

  5. Although I don’t believe in reincarnation in any way whatsoever, your experience is certainly fascinating and was interesting to read. I would love to hear an experience from someone trying to rid themselves of a bad habit.

  6. i would love to discover my past life(s)! if your mother ever needs more test subjects, im local =)

  7. Your mom also hypnotized me and it was a surreal and quite pleasant experience. There is nothing to fear, as you are not totally “out” and would not do anything you would not do without hypnosis. It was relaxing, and even my husband agreed to try it. It did shed a light on why I chose the career I chose and why I am the person I now am. I would recommend this to anyone. I would also mention that you should seek a qualified, responsible hypnotist like Nicole’s mother.

  8. This is so cool! My friend and I always say that we should try out hypnosis so that we can be more motivated about pursuing our dreams, because we always find excuses on why things aren’t working out, but in reality, we don’t make time for what we want to accomplish … Anyway, I’m totally going to have her read this post!

  9. Argyandr says:

    Does your mom have any tips for someone who is difficult to hypnotize on how to be more susceptible? I had a session and it went on for three hours and we were not able to get far. I was told I’m very left brain LOL

    • I asked my mom and this was her response: “Left brainers are tough! My question to them would be, why are you standing in the way of getting your questions answered? What are you afraid of? Do you really want to make a change or are you hesitant? Praying before the session for answers, to be relaxed and allow to come through what is in their best interest helps. If they were comfortable w/ that hypnotist, they should try again. Now that they know what it’s all about and are familiar w/ the hypnotist, they will be more relaxed second time around.”

  10. This is so cool! I’ve always wanted to do this! I live in the Boston area and you mentioned your mom practiced on Martha’s Vineyard, does she recommend anyone in the Boston area? I need to try this!

  11. Michael DB says:

    I have just discovered the ‘Dolores Cannon’ QHHT therapy. Reading about it, the three ‘Past Lives’ part, is usually followed by the ‘very important’ (As I see it) part where the practitioner is able to contact and speak with, -your own ‘Higher Self’ and ask it those questions you want answering!

    Why was this not done, or spoken of in your case?

    I too loved reading your great description of your experience!

  12. I am going in for my first session Wednesday 10/5, any advice, I have a book of questions and intentions. Many blessings!!!

    • Go into it with an open mind–my first session was NOTHING like what I expected! 🙂 Also trust what you’re shown–it might not seem to be connected with the insights you were looking for but there’s a purpose to it.

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