Park Bench Workout

Park Bench WorkoutYou don’t really need a park bench for this one—a block would do, or stacked steppers at the gym, or really any sturdy, elevated platform. But we’ve had such gorgeous fall weather in New England lately that I couldn’t resist taking this workout outside. The pictures were taken last weekend on the Vineyard when I was there for my cousin’s wedding, but when I first did the workout, I used a bench in a creepy church playground by my place in Boston. I don’t think I’m a registered sex offender as a result, but doing jump squats in little kids’ faces was a lot more awkward than anticipated.

Calm down, I’m joking.

Park Bench Workout

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 30 rounds of 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. You’ll go through five rounds of the following exercises. Try to complete as many reps as possible during each 45-second interval.

Park Bench Workout

  • Two-Foot Jump: Stand about a foot in front of the bench, bend your knees and jump both feet up at the same time, landing on the bench in a squat position. Jump back down and repeat.
  • Triceps Dip with Alternating Kick: Start in a table top position, hands on the bench, facing forward on either side of you; knees bent at 90 degrees. Dip down, keeping your elbows facing back while you bend them and kick your right leg straight upward as you lower your body. Push through your hands back to the starting position, lowering your right leg. Repeat, kicking up your left leg.
  • Step Up with Knee Raise (right): Stand with right foot on the bench and left foot on the ground. Step up, lifting your left knee up into your chest. Lower back down to starting position, but try not to come to a rest—your weight should always be on that right leg, not the left. Think of it as a quick push-off tap with your left foot when it meets the ground.
  • Three Level Walking Plank: Start in an elbow plank facing the bench. One hand at a time, walk yourself up into a standard plank position. Then again, one hand at a time, walk yourself into an extended elevated plank position with both hands on the bench, outstretched before you. Reverse the motion back down to an elbow plank. Each time you go through the sequence, alternate the hand you lead with.
  • Step Up with Knee Raise (left)
  • Inclined Reptile Push Up: Start in an inclined plank position with feet on the bench and hands on the ground. Lower into a push up, and as you do, crunch your right knee in towards your right elbow. Return to starting position and repeat on the left side. As you can tell from the picture, I am not very good at these (I’m a push up wimp). If you need an easier version just cut out the push up and do a reptile plank.

WEARING | Tank: Lululemon // Shorts: c/o Cory Vines // Sneakers: Nike Free Run +3

Where’s the least conventional place you’ve worked out lately?


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  1. I need to add some of these moves to my park bench workout.. love it!

    -Elise @

  2. that ‘box jump’ photo is awesome!

  3. Can’t wait to try this – a couple of new (to me) moves – that tri-level plank!!!

  4. Great workout! I workout weekly with a moms fitness group outdoors and we incorporate benches often. Love the plank variations!

  5. Love that first photo!

  6. Such a great all over body workout!! Next time, I run by a park when the ground is super gross I’ll have to do this. In the meantime, it can be done inside, but it isn’t as fun!

  7. This was part of my holiday workout in Greece – a quick morning run up the steepest roads EVER, and then this workout on a stone wall – by round three I was ready to quit, but kept going moderating the moves to retain form. Brilliant challenge which I felt in those legs all morning!

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