How I Used My Bestowed Box Goodies, Plus a Discount for You

Bestowed Box Discount

This is now the third time I’ve been able to review a Bestowed sample box and offer my readers a discount for their own subscription, and I swear the goodies get better and better each time!

October’s theme was Non-GMO, so all the healthy snacks included were free of genetically modified organisms. These were some of my favorites in the box:

Roasted Spiced Chickpeas Vegetable Bean Dip Garlic White Bean Hummus Garlic White Bean Hummus Roasted Beet Hummus Sweet Potato Hummus Lemon Artichoke Hummus Lemon Artichoke Berry Kiwi Acai Bowl Almond Butter Muesli Bites

You can get your own monthly Bestowed box delivered to you and snag 50% off the first box ($10 instead of $19) by visiting and using code HELLOTEN103. This code is only valid through 11/20.




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  1. I love granola and trying new types and products! 🙂

  2. 🙁 shipping is within US only.. booo.. I’ll have to find a Canadian alternative!

  3. I wasn’t crazy about the chickpeas, but I LOVED the tortilla chips and those healthy chocolate peanut butter candies were AMAZING! I opened the bag of granola yesterday and have just about eaten the entire bag already :/ I think that sortof defeats the purpose of healthy snacking though 😉 The seed and nuts were good too as were the fiber bars…this was definitely the best box so far for me. I always find a few things I really like in the boxes, but this one was really a winner!

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