October Online Workout Roundup

It’s been…forever…since I’ve posted one of these roundups. Since getting really hooked on Pilates Plus, it’s been taking the place of most workouts I would have normally searched for online. But from time to time, I still love to try out routines that other websites and bloggers are posting. Here are some I’ve recently done…

Legs & Abs Superset from Kama Fitness

Legs & Abs Superset Workout from KAMA FITNESSWhen Karen from Kama Fitness suggested this workout to me, I was excited to try it out—an at-home workout using a med ball? Talk about right up my alley. The first superset (hanging knee raises and jump squats with the ball) was definitely the most challenging for me. I tried to take really short breaks between sets, so by the fifth round, I was struggling (in a good way!). Karen posts tons of other workouts on her blog, and I asked her a couple questions so you guys can get to know her:

Q: Tell me a little about yourself–besides blogging at Kama Fitness, what are you up to these days?

Karen: I’m a small town gal who loves to be surrounded by friends, family and good food!! There became a time in my life when I realized I didn’t want to eat all the foods my friends were eating…so I ventured off. I did endless amounts of research (and still do) on food, nutrition and exercise, and then eventually became a Certified Personal Trainer.

Nowadays, I train clients part-time and still work my regular office day job (boo!) but totally enjoying every moment of blogging. I created Kama Fitness to help spread how easy it is to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle while still enjoying some beers on the side…ya know?? Because that wasn’t one of the foods I didn’t want to enjoy with friends!

Q: What’s your favorite way to workout? 

Karen: Definitely weight training is my fave! When I began exercising, cardio and running were my thing. I was a huge cardio bunny, but about a year and a half ago I ditched cardio and still haven’t looked back. I weight train about 5 days per week, sometimes more (or less) and absolutely love a heavy lift! I also complete at-home workouts when I’m not feeling like a gym day, which are mostly bodyweight and light weight workouts. It helps to keep the change in my routine.

Q: Why is this Legs & Abs Superset Workout one of your favorites?

Karen: Legs & Abs Superset is one of my favourite workouts I’ve posted because it was a killer workout! I mean, every workout I do, I always try to make it really hard for myself, but this one just kind of popped in my head even when I had no sense of thought and no intentions except hitting a particular muscle group. I just remember after completing this workout that I had to share it with everyone on Kama Fitness—it’s unlike the other workouts I post which are all planned ahead of time.

Big thanks to Karen for sharing this killer workout and a little about herself! Check out her blog here.


Butt & Abs Tabata Workout from Fitness Blender

I actually just discovered Fitness Blender yesterday when I was mentioned in the same tweet as them—how twenty-first century of me. I did this butt & abs interval workout (they call it a tabata; but it’s not technically) this morning and really liked it. It wasn’t the hardest, but it’s a real-time video so you do it right along with the trainer, and they have a convenient countdown on the screen.

Difficulty-wise, they labeled this a 4 out of 5; based on that, I think I’ll stick to their 5’s next time I do a Fitness Blender workout. But I especially liked the alternating squat lunge exercise in this one (it burned!)—definitely going to incorporate that into future routines.


20-Minute Insanity Workout

20-Minute Insanity WorkoutRemember the Insanity DVD craze? The first time I did (read: attempted) one of these workouts was a couple years ago when I was visiting my friend in Colombia. Ninety-degree heat, gym with no air conditioning, hangovers—it wasn’t pretty. In fact, it ended with projectile vomiting.

This particular workout is a 20-minute version that the Insanity folks put together for Self Magazine, and it’s a heart pumper. Not exactly the best combo of exercises for anyone with knee or joint issues, but all the jumping around definitely makes you work up a sweat.


10-Minute Workout from CrossFit Trainer Shirley Brown

On an average day, I’m going to spend more than 10 minutes working out; but if I’m super busy or super not-in-the-mood, I love quick, intense workouts like these. Halfway through the workout, you stop and stretch, which I actually really liked. You may be thinking, “It’s only a 10-minute workout—wouldn’t a break make it totally worthless?” but after the mountain climbers it’s a welcomed rest. This routine didn’t leave me sore the next day or anything like that, but it was a perfect way to get a quick blast of fitness in on a day that I otherwise wouldn’t have done anything.


Slim and Strong in Six Pre-Holiday Pilates Program from The Balanced Life

The Balanced Life 6-week Pilates ProgramWhile we’re on the topic of online workouts, I wanted to share with you guys this six-week long at-home Pilates program from Robin over at The Balanced Life. It goes from 11/11 through 12/22, and if you sign up you’ll receive a new 40-minute workout video in your inbox each Monday during the program. You’ll complete each workout four times during the week in the comfort of your own home, and will have unending online coaching support from Robin and The Balanced Life community.

It’s $47, and could be a great motivator to keep you in shape as we approach the holidays. While I haven’t personally seen or done the workout videos, I’m a huge fan of Pilates and wanted to share. You can get all the details here.

Have you guys found any killer online workouts lately? Let me know in the comments section!


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  1. I’ve found yours to be the toughest! Love your 5-50 core workout!

  2. The legs and abs superset sounds like a great workout. I will have to try this! I love at home workouts plus you can take them on the go. Like when you are on a run or walk!

  3. Hello, I am new to your blog, (But I swear I have DOZENS of your exercises pinned) I was wondering, do you have any cubicle friendly exercises (I did try searching, and probably just didn’t pick the right words :D)

    Thank you for posting great workouts!

  4. Sweet!
    Then I would like to formally request a few! I am at a cubicle for 9.5 hours, and while I stand, and do calf raises, and use a step stool for occasional (see: rarely) step exercises, it is difficult to do something that is not disruptive.

    I also keep two 3 lbs. weights at my desk, and sit on a those balance balls instead of my chair (good for posture).

    But, I am not really able to “work up a sweat”. So this would be awesome!!!

    (sorry, I am a bit long-winded lol)

    • I love your dedication to staying active at the office! I’ll put my thinking cap on and come up with some creative desk workouts–look for them on the blog in a couple weeks or so 🙂

  5. This is a good fitness blender WO..I like the plank jack butt kicks, that combo was new for me.


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