Win Money for Losing Weight with the Pumps & Iron DietBet

Pumps & Iron DietBet“Because waiting until January 1st is so 2012.” –Regina George

You may have heard of DietBets before, or perhaps even participated in one—they’re an awesome way to encourage people to get healthy, and I couldn’t be more excited to host my first one this December!

I hope you will all join me (that’s right—I’m getting in on the bet, too!) in taking the challenge to lose 4% of your bodyweight in time for the New Year. If you succeed, you’ll not only look and feel great, but you’ll WIN MONEY. That’s right—I’ve got your attention now.


The buy-in is $25 (that’s one 30-rack of Bud Light or one cab ride downtown—suck it up). If you succeed, you split the pot with the other winners. Encourage your friends, family and coworkers to get in on the bet, too—the bigger the pot, the bigger your potential payout! Plus, it’s a lot easier to make healthy choices when the people you spend the most time with are doing the same.

How exactly does it work? You can check out all the details HERE, but for a quick rundown:

DietBet RulesDietBet RulesDietBet Rules

Worried about Trying to Lose Weight during the Holidays? Don’t Be…

You may be thinking that losing weight during the holidays borderlines on blasphemy, but I have a compelling argument to prove my Dec 2nd-Dec 29th timing is, in fact, perfect:

1. January 1st is a Wednesday. Everyone knows that all successful diets must start on a Monday. It’s science.

You know what else sucks about waiting until January 1st to start on your resolution to be healthy? Basically everything. First off, there are 20 million people at the gym hogging your machines because—shocker!—the whole “new year, new me” is not an original idea. Second, you don’t look your best in the 40,000 pictures that get taken during the holidays and New Years Eve because you’re waiting until January to lose those extra pounds. Third, you’re in debt from holiday shopping, so your newfound loyalty to organic spaghetti squash from Whole Foods and trendy Pilates classes hurts extra bad.

2. Proving to yourself that you can lose weight despite Ugly Sweater Parties and your Aunt Marie’s Christmas cookies will make keeping it off the rest of the year seem like a breeze.

The thing about living a healthy life is that you have to do just that: live. If you’re putting your social life on hold for a diet, guess what? It’s not going to succeed long-term. Let’s make this December the month we master the art of balancing healthy living with a fun social calendar. Trust me, it can be done!

And even if you don’t lose 4%, chances are, you at least won’t gain weight during the holidays like most people. 

3. You’re going to win WAY more money if you succeed.

Ok, let’s throw my other two points out the window and admit that lots of people who buy into this bet are going to say “f*ck this shit” and quit after their third holiday party eggnog binge. That means you’ll be splitting the pot with fewer winners and taking home more money.

It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.

So who’s in this with me?? Sign up HERE or click below.

pumps-iron-dietbet-signupLike I mentioned, I’ll be playing along with you all and doing weekly updates on my progress, sharing tips, answering questions, offering help, etc. Initial weigh-in is Nov 30-Dec 1. So you have two weeks to convince your friends and family to get in on the action with you. And…go!



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  1. I’m so in, Nicole!! Thanks so much for putting this together. Love your blog!

  2. This is great, but personally I don’t think you have 4% to lose! You look phenomenal!!

    • Aw thank you! I’m with you that I’m not sure I have 4% to lose, but I just wanted to play along so I can offer up tips on the blog along the way and get some extra motivation to clean up the areas I’ve been bad about lately (alcohol, ice cream, alcohol…haha).

  3. I would love to participate, but I know that every time I get into a healthy routine where I’m working out more often and eating clean, I get more muscular, and therefore heavier, even though I’m doing what people would normally do to lose weight.. Any suggestions for how to still participate?

    • This is definitely a flaw in the competition–I, too, think it’d be great if there was a way to make it about a 4% change in body composition/body fat percentage rather than weight loss. I’m going to reach out to my contact at DietBet and see if there’s any way to make this happen–I’ll keep you posted!

  4. Checking in on this! It seems like a good motivation!

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  6. Highwaynation says:

    Hi Nicole, Will you host another Dietbet in 2015 once your back from traveling? I really hope so :-)! Have fun traveling! X

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